If You Do These 9 Things, You Have High Emotional Intelligence & Are In Control Of Your Feelings

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If You Do These 9 Things, You Have High Emotional Intelligence & Are In Control Of Your Feelings

What is emotional intelligence?

Having emotional intelligence means that you are capable of assessing every situation from an agile point of view in order to act accordingly. You aren’t overthrown by your thoughts and emotions because you’re in complete control of them.

Not sure if you have high emotional intelligence? The goods news is that if any of these traits describe you, you are completely in control of your feelings and are an emotionally intelligent person!

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1. You’re self-aware.

You’re able to perceive emotions as they come without becoming easily overwhelmed. You know how to channel those emotions in a positive manner instead of letting them become destructive.

2. You know your strengths and weaknesses.

Emotionally intelligent people are aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Your weaknesses aren’t an issue because you know how to accentuate your strengths to the fullest extent. You recognize what it is you need to work on for the future, but you know that your weaknesses do not make you weak.

3. You choose wisely with what you react to.

You’re extremely picky with what you put time and effort into. You don’t like to waste your time. An emotionally intelligent person recognizes that every situation doesn’t deserve a reaction.

4. You’re a skilled-active listener.

An emotionally intelligent person can effortlessly adapt to their surroundings and read emotions in order to better understand a situation.

You know that there’s a major difference between “listening” and “hearing.” You listen to understand rather than listen for a response.

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5. You’re self-motivated.

Your goals are important to you because you’ve built a foundation of motivation within yourself. You’re well aware that the road to success takes time and you’re okay with that.

You feel a sense of personal growth daily and strongly believe that the only way to fail is by giving up.

6. You’re capable of figuring out why you’re upset.

An emotionally intelligent person can easily figure out what is bothering them. You’re in tune with your deepest emotions and know how to eliminate the urge for negative-self talk.

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You’re constantly exploring your inner-most feelings and always picking apart your brain.

7. You have made peace with the past.

You use the past as motivation to create a bright future. You don’t let your past failures consume you with negativity. Instead, you use it as a guideline in order to never make the same mistakes again.

8. You’re able to read people like a book.

You’re always fully aware of body movements, hand gestures, and facial expressions while engaging in conversation. It doesn’t take long for you to translate how someone is feeling just by simply examining their body language.

9. You don’t act impulsively.

You aren’t impulse-driven and like to give things thought before acting on them. You know that impulsive behavior usually doesn’t end well and can easily be avoided by taking time to assess the situation at hand.

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