How To Read People Like A Pro — With These 7 Simple Tricks

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Do you know what people are truly saying with their bodies? One way to decipher their code is to learn how to read people and their body language.

Whether you're questioning if you got the job after an interview or if that first date went well, body language can provide you with a secret edge.

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Be careful, though, because body language can be easily misconstrued. Sometimes people have certain actions or posture habits that disguise what they're really saying. But by remaining alert and observant you'll fare better than most! 

Here are 7 tricks for reading people's body language so you can understand what they're really saying with nonverbal communication:

1. Be aware of how they're speaking.

Positive ways of communication include speaking in the same tone and the same rate of speech that you're using. It's also a positive sign when someone can share a laugh with you and truly have a sincere and inviting sound to their voice.

On the flip side, negative ways of speaking include speaking a lot louder, softer, faster, or slower than you. If their voice sounds unsteady or quivering, they might not mean exactly what they're saying to you aloud.

2. Notice what they're wearing.

People who are truly interested do their best to make a long-lasting and positive impression. Their clothing will usually be neat and tidy and their hair will be groomed as well.

Someone who isn't interested will often appear unkempt because they don't really care about the impression they'll leave behind with you.

The old saying, "Dress for success," is a simple way to remember that people do judge others by their appearance. Whether it's right or wrong, it happens.

If you were hiring a salesperson for your company, would you want the person who's friendly and dressed in a suit or someone who looks like he just rolled out of bed?

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3. Notice if they're interacting with you in a positive way.

When people relate positively with you, they may express body language signals that show it. They may look at your eyes while speaking, lean toward you, or touch you gently to accentuate a point.

4. Gauge whether they appear uninterested or distracted.

Negative signals include looking away when they should be listening, crossing their arms, constant fidgeting or tapping their foot, clearing their throat, or yawning.

This may be a sign of distrust, anger, frustration, boredom, or a lack of self-confidence.

5. Practice people-watching.

The best way to learn more about body language is to spend some time observing people. By becoming more aware of the way others react to certain situations, you'll be better equipped to communicate effectively.

6. Remember: everyone has their own quiet signal.

A great way to become more in tune with these signals is to take the time to make people watching a hobby.

7. Become observant.

Whether in the supermarket, church, or at the mall, watch the way people display their secret signals. It will greatly help you in deciphering body language in your own personal situations.

Reading body language is an important way to figure out what people are truly saying. It can also help you build positive and long-lasting relationships. Use these tips often to help you discover the secret meaning behind body language and become a master of communication with others.

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