6 Zodiac Signs That Always Have The Most Friends

These signs are well-liked.

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Do you have a lot of friends or are you popular? While being popular and having a large number of friends may seem like the same thing, they’re actually very different.

When you’re popular, people like you for what you are or what you can do for them with equal doses of fame and admiration. People like being associated with someone who is popular because it makes them feel better about themselves. And though you may consult your horoscope for advice on how to become popular, it's not for everyone.


Also, with popularity, there is an element of what you can do for some else. Being a friend to someone is a much more real relationship and a friend will always be there, no matter how popular or unpopular you may be.

Friendship is about a true connection with another person, which involves mutual sharing about what’s going on in your lives. We trust our friends with our secrets and the personal tidbits that we don’t want the world to know and friendships tend to get stronger and deeper over time.


You can be popular for all kinds of superficial reasons like success, talent, or friendliness but popularity can be elusive. And if you lose the quality or circumstance that made you popular in the first place, your popularity will decline.

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When we’re young we may crave for popularity, seeing it as a guarantee that we will fit in and that through that popularity, will have friends. We don’t always see the benefits of having one or two friends that really get us and are there for us no matter what we do. You can be popular and still feel as if you don't have any real friends.

It can be tricky to juggle a lot of friends, but it can be done. There’s more work to maintaining a real friendship with several friends than there is to being popular, though a popular person may disagree and cite all the things they must do to stay popular.


What does astrology have to say about all this? Here are the zodiac signs with the most friends.

1. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libras take friendship very seriously and will do whatever they need to do to maintain a friendship. Libras are the people who keep in touch and reach out to you when you're going through something. They're there if you need to spill your guts or if you just need to get out and socialize.


Libras are as compassionate as they are fun and they're not going to take their bad mood out on their friends. In some cases, Libras treasure their friends almost as much, if not more than their families. They have a lot of friends because they nurture and take care of their friendships — it doesn't matter if they have one or two really close friendships or 20, they really care about their friends.

People are drawn to Libras because of their wonderful personalities and how good Libras make them feel about themselves, which is probably why they are one of the zodiac signs with the most friends. Libras don't start arguments just because they're fun and they'll do whatever they can to avoid a conflict.

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2. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)


Everybody needs at least one Gemini friend which is probably why Geminis have so many friends — the demand for their friendship is huge. Geminis make everything fun and when they're talking to you, they're really interested in what you have to say and aren't just waiting for you to finish so they can start talking.

Geminis are very social and are great at parties. They have the ability to turn a stranger into a friend almost instantaneously. Geminis have many character traits that cause people to let down their guard around them, such as how versatile they are (they're always interested in a variety of subjects), their enthusiasm for life and everyone's personal stories, their intelligence and understanding, and their sense of humor.


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3. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leos are able to juggle being popular and having a great number of friends. Obviously, they can't be true friends with everybody who admires them but they still are able to cultivate real friendships. When a Leo is friends with someone, they're fiercely loyal and kind. When a Leo is your friend, you know they have your back and will do anything for you.


They're energetic, fun, and gifted at helping their friends see things in a brighter light. It's a good thing that most Leos have a lot of energy because they need it to be the high-quality friend they are. Leos are straightforward with their friends but never cruel. They prize honesty as much as they prize friendship so it's not surprising that they have a lot of both.

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4. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)



Aquarians are known for their ability to make and keep a lot of friends. Maybe it's because they're naturally friendly and non-judgmental — people feel comfortable around them and Aquarius encourages people to let down their hair and to be their true selves. People are drawn to their creativity and inventive ways.

Aquarians are fascinating and they use their intelligence to make the world a better place to live. Above all else, Aquarians are loyal and when they're friends with someone, they commit to being a friend to them through the good times and the bad. When you're friends with an Aquarius, you have a friend for life.

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5. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)


Aries individuals have a lot of friends because their enthusiasm is hard to resist. Aries is always doing something fun and they love to show their friends a good time. Aries has a lot of friends because people are drawn to their positivity, high energy, and their vitality. You won't find another zodiac sign with as much exuberance and vitality.

Aries are hard to resist and make terrific friends because of their thirst for adventures. Aries may be competitive but they're not mean about it; when they win, they want their friends to celebrate with them. They can be impulsive which makes them exciting to their friends.


Aries can be blunt with their friends but they don't do it out of maliciousness, sometimes they simply have to say what's on their mind and, in the end, their friends appreciate their honesty.

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6. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)


Sagittarians aren't shy and they're not afraid of new places and people; in fact, they thrive on them. Sagittarians are constantly making new friends wherever they go and they keep in touch with those friends. Who knows, they might need a place to stay in Madrid or Nashville sometime.

People gravitate to Sagittarius for their generosity, large hearts, and ability to make people laugh. They love people and are quick to bond with people and form friendships, but regardless of how transitory these friendships may appear, Sagittarius takes the role of friend seriously and will maintain a friendship, no matter how long-distance it may be.


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