10 Funny Sex Positions (That We Dare You Try Without Laughing)


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In a perfect world, sex is not only pleasurable but fun. With the right partner, we should always be having a good time, not taking ourselves too seriously, and enjoying each other and the moments we are sharing.

However, while fun is one thing, actually making sex funny is another level.

There are absolutely a few funny sex positions that are hilarious and have the potential to make you laugh out loud while you attempt to position your body into the right poses. Some feel funny, others look funny, and some are just so ridiculous you won't be able to help yourself from giggling while you are at it. And isn't that the whole point?


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Want to add a little humor to the bedroom? Try one (or more) of these funny sex positions that are sure to make you both laugh.

1. The Butterfly

This one requires a very solid armless chair or could be done on the middle part of a couch.


"He sits with his legs stretched out. She'll sit on him with her back to him, then brings her legs up so she has a foot straddling each side of his hips. He grabs her wrists to support her, then leans back, allowing her to lean forward to allow for better control of penetration," says Antonia Hall, MA., a psychologist, relationship expert, and sexpert.

2. The Reverse Straddled Cowgirl

The guy lies on his back, knees bent. She sits, straddling him reverse cowgirl-style, but with one leg between his.


"It allows for deep penetration and prevents him from slipping out as easily. Now, arch your back and kiss him," advises Hall.

3. Elevated Swing

He needs to have some strength for this, as he'll be lifting her up and down like she's swinging on his lap.

"He is on his knees and she will be on his lap with her legs up straight against his chest, ankles by his ears." According to Hall, "This will give you incredibly deep penetration so he can hit that A-spot as he's rocking you on his lap."


4. Cannonball

Feeling acrobatic? She lies back, her head and shoulders supported with a soft pillow or folded blanket.

"She'll lift her legs and hips into the air. He'll then squat over her, grabbing her thighs, and gently lower himself into her. Awkward? More than a little, but well worth it for the different sensations this position offers. It's best to take it slowly for this one," says Hall.


5. Air Scissors

She is at the edge of the bed, top half lying down, supported on one elbow.

"He is standing by the edge of the bed. She bends one leg and lets it hang off the bed and raises the other against his chest, ankle above his shoulder. Once her legs are properly scissored out, he'll lift her as he thrusts into her, offering good penetration," Hall explains.


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6. The Submarine

This one is for you water fans and is done on the stairs of the pool.

"He sits on whichever stair leaves him up to his waste in water. She sits on his lap and lies back, grabbing his calves for support. The water supports her weight, giving you both a fun, wet ride," says Hall.


7. Sammukha

"Try Kama Sutra. Some of the positions require good physical agility, but generally offer deep penetration and intimacy," says Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert. "One of these positions is Sammukha. In this act, a woman leans back against a wall and spreads her legs widely while standing up. The man enters her in this position. Depending on your heights, this can feel awkward or clumsy. The key to staying present and connected during this is to sustain eye contact and to keep breathing together. This position can be very erotic and intimate."

8. Flying Camel


"How can a girl keep herself from laughing in this position? While you are laying on your back and your man is in you, he's on his knees then proceeds to flap his arms and howl like a camel," says sex and dating expert Ingrid Levin.

9. The Ballcuzi


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You can’t stop laughing internally at this one.

"A guy has his balls in a bowl while you blow bubbles out of a straw," jokes Levin.

10. Pop Rock BJ


"While you have pop rocks in your mouth, you are giving your man a blowjob all while the pop rocks are exploding with the funniest noises. The explosions don’t end with your man — you can take it to another level and do 69 for some extra fun," says Levin.


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