How To Look Downright HOT (Even If You Don’t Know Anything About Makeup)

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I Tried One Two Lash, The Best False Magnetic Eyelashes From One Two Cosmetics

At only 5’2” and *~blessed~* with a baby face, more often than not I get mistaken for a teenager rather than the woman in her mid-twenties that I actually am.

There are worse things in the world, of course — but often those things are hard to think about when I’m getting pulled over while riding a bike because a truancy officer thinks I’m skipping school or being carded every 4 minutes at the bar.

It’s also hard to feel confident when people describe you with words like “cute” and “adorable” as opposed to “sexy” or “beautiful.”

I’ve taken to makeup in an attempt to remedy the issue, but makeup is an art and I am absolutely not an artist. Even beginner YouTube makeup tutorials are far out of my league, and when it comes to trendy things like contouring and winged eyeliner…? Forget about it!

I have a few makeup artist friends who’ve listened to my grievances. “Try fake eyelashes,” they say. “It’ll be easy,” they say. And it’s true — having a full set of lashes works wonders when it comes to looking not only older (or, you know, your actual age), but overall just more put together. However, false eyelashes typically require a lot of glue that would likely end up blinding me and patience that I sadly just wasn’t born with.

But then I heard about magnetic eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics and was instantly intrigued.

After watching a quick tutorial video that confirmed One Two Lash require zero glue and literally only a few seconds for application, I was sold.

The lashes come in packaging with two separate sets totalling eight lashes, two sets for the left eye and two for the right. Each set includes a top lash and a lower lash for each eye.

I decided to perform an experiment: I’d visit three different bars in three different looks to see if it made a difference in how people see and treat me. For one look, I’d use the magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics to test my hypothesis that a bolder, more fierce lash would not only make me look my age, but feel more confident and beautiful.

Day 1: No makeup

For the first third of the experiment, I ventured out into the world with zero makeup on. My lashes are naturally pretty short and curly, so without any mascara or the false lashes, they’re pretty unnoticeable. I walked into the bar with my friend, who ordered our drinks. The bartender started making the drinks, but looked at me and said, “Um, can I see some I.D.’s?” Just as I thought.

After looking mine over for what felt like an hour, he handed it back saying, “Well, that’s definitely you with that curly hair. Never would’ve guessed your age.” No one ever does, Mr. Bartender. No one ever does.

Day 2: My “everyday” makeup look, without lashes

Normally when I leave the house (which admittedly isn’t often, because I work from home and also I am lazy), my makeup application is minimal. After swiping on some BB cream and a little blush, I pretty much call it a day — hey, I told you I’m not an artist.

This time, I went to the liquor to test my look. Unsurprisingly, one employee carded me at the counter while another bagged my purchase, and they seemed shocked when they successfully scanned my I.D. “Wow, you look 12!” said the bagger. Let me tell you: if I had a mere penny for every time someone told me that I would own their liquor store as well as every other liquor store in the country.

Day 3: My “everyday” makeup look with One Two Lash

For my last trick, I finally got to wear the magnetic lashes in public. I was a little nervous to apply them because I was running late and didn’t have any experience with false lashes so I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time to get them right. The tutorial video made it look simple enough, but don’t they all?

I took the top lash out and simply placed it on top of my real lashes like the video explained. Then, I took the “bottom” lash (which really also goes along your top lash line, just underneath) and slowly matched up the two tiny magnets until I felt them click together. I instantly had a full, honestly gorgeous set of lashes. Seriously! That’s it. That’s all it took.

After adding the lashes to my other eye, I was legit amazed at how simple and quick the whole process was, and how stunning they actually looked and felt. They really defined my eye’s shape, and even without adding any eyeliner made my eyes stand out while still looking totally natural.

I ran out the door and met up with my friends, who immediately commented on my eyelashes and asked what kind of mascara I was wearing. I went on and on about the magnetic lashes (because for real, magnets? So cool).

We walked into the bar and sat down to order drinks. Only this time, I didn’t get carded or told I look like a twelve-year-old — SCORE. The One Two Lash magnetic falsies made me feel truly beautiful and for once, I felt like my age. What made it better is that I was confident in my application of the lashes, which I would never be with regular glue-on sets that would undoubtedly be hanging off my eyes and flopping around in the air.

Oh, and bonus: they look really good when you bat your eyes at the cute guy across the bar… *wink.*

Created in partnership with One Two Cosmetics.