I Asked A Makeup Artist To Make Me Look Like A Snapchat Filter

Photo: snapchat / @itsssmicki
I Asked A Makeup Artist To Make Me Look Like A Snap Filter

Do you ever have those days where you feel super-confident with how you look? You know, your hair is winning the humidity battle, your brows are even and there’s not a single ghastly pimple in sight?

Now, this doesn’t happen often. So naturally, you have to take a selfie to document this history in the making. Fast forward to 63 selfies later and you still don’t have even one that’s Instagram-worthy. WTF??

Luckily, social media behemoth Snapchat feels your pain, and on those days when you just can’t get the perfect pic, all you have to do is swipe a filter over yourself and you’re good to go. And dude: the filters are so. damn. cute.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than the floppy eared dog...


Or the basic-yet-flattering as HELL flower crown...


Snapchat completely outdid itself with the bronzed, butterfly crown-wearing goddess filter.

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But why limit these filters to Snapchat? Someone wise (I can’t tell you who, because even Google doesn’t know so I’m just lost on this one) once said, “If you can dream it, you can be it.”

Well, I wanted to be a damn Snapchat filter — so I asked a makeup artist to turn me into one.

Meet Allison Sweeney.

Photo: instagram / @allisonsweens
Meet Allison Sweeney.

She’s an aspiring makeup artist who’s DAMN good at what she does (for reals — follow her on Instagram for some real makeup envy). With tons of prom and wedding makeup experience under her blending brush, she was thrilled at the idea of using her skills to turn a homely-looking person like me into a Snapchatified beauty.

And this is me, sans filter or makeup.

And this is me, sans filter or makeup.

Pimple game strong, unruliest of eyebrows and no butterfly friends. How am I supposed to live my best life without a constant butterfly posse? 

Snapchat knows the struggle.

Snapchat knows the struggle.

Much better, amirite? Fun fact: I had an allergic reaction to face wash the week this photo was taken. My eyes were SWOLLEN SHUT, guys. Thanks to this filter, I still look fly as hell.

To complete my transformation from meh to YAASSSS, the oh-so-talented Allison primed my face and added the basics, including NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation and Give Me Sun bronzer from MAC. For the highlighter, she used a mixture of Dripping in Gold and Bubbly from the Anastasia Beverly Hill Glow Kit in That Glow, and topped me off with some eye shadow and a brow touch-up.

Of course, the butterfly goddess look isn’t complete without the 90s frosted lip throwback. Allison custom made this with some NYX matte lip cream (which you need to go out and buy like... now) topped with highlighter.

And without further adieu...

And without further adieu…

BAM! We added some gold butterfly clips (also custom made — Allison is the real deal) and gold gems to really bring the filter to life. 

We already had one filter down, so why not try another?

We already had one filter down… why not try another?

It only made sense to take advantage of all the base products that were already in place, and this filter is honestly one that's well-suited for an everyday look. So once the butterflies were removed (read: untangled) from my curls, Allison went IN on some winged eyeliner (using the tape trick, I highly recommend it) and a red lip.

Add a bandana and...

Add a bandana and…

Holla atcha girl.

Moral of the story: you can absolutely rock a Snapchat filter IRL, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

HUGE shout out to Allison for making all my selfie dreams come true! Be sure to follow her on Instagram for makeup inspiration and tutorials. Now, excuse me while I fill my phone to capacity with selfies.

Happy snapping, y'all!