My Ex Is A Serial Killer In The Making

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my ex is a serial killer

He's evil. And he's out there.

In my past, I’ve dated quite a few men who were known for cruelty, mental instability, and just not being good people. I’ve dated drug users, drug dealers, and just about everything else you could imagine. I can only really blame myself; I have a thing for danger, it seems, and it’s taken me a very long time to retrain myself to like kinder, gentler people.

What’s funny is that most of my exes don’t scare me, even if they have felonies under their names. For the most part, they aren’t really violent, per se. The one that scares me the most also happens to be the one who my best friend dated, too.

This is because my ex is a serial killer.

He’s going to end up killing one of his future partners, and I have every reason to believe he’ll get away with murder.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to call him Kyle.

Kyle, for the longest time, was known as a quasi-celebrity in the local alternative scene. He had this childlike, wide-eyed demeanor that naturally made girls fawn over him and he was also insanely good-looking and notoriously well-endowed.

On first glance, it’s really hard not to like Kyle. That’s why he was surrounded by women.

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The problem was that Kyle was an abuser, and boy was he subtle about it. His abuse was always done in a pattern, and it was so subtle that it actually took my best friend and I both speaking about it openly for people to realize what was going on.

His whole thing was making girls “dance for his enjoyment,” as I call it. He’d date girls, but he’d refuse to commit to marriage for one reason or another. To get him to fully commit, girls would start jumping through hoops all because they wanted to marry him.

Kyle would also flaunt his female friends to his girlfriends, and since he was as desired as he was, there were often catfights behind his back. No one ever realized he had planned this out.

Slowly, Kyle would start talking about how the girl needed to “just lose a bit more weight” before things could get serious. Or, he’d try to twist the girl’s arm into doing things she didn’t want to do.

Inevitably, the girl would get depressed and would either develop an eating disorder or a drinking habit. When the girl would leave, or worse, when he would prepare to dump her, he would then start a smear campaign to make himself look like the victim. Everyone believed him... until they saw what happened with my friend.

Basically, it all came to a head during what was supposed to be a quasi-engagement party. People saw Kyle telling my friend to lose weight, and saw Kyle getting blitzed. Later on, he admitted that he probably wasn’t going to go through with it. Because my friend caught Kyle flirting with other women, my friend didn’t want to cuddle with him and play “happy bride-to-be” for his image.

He grabbed her so hard that it left bruises on her wrists, and she left to cry in her room.

People began to realize that neither I nor his first ex were the 'bad women' that he portrayed us to be. We were victims of serious psychological and emotional abuse, and the only crime we had committed was wanting love from a man who was evil to the core.

When she broke up with him, she’d call me to tell me the hints he’d give her. He’d drop hints about her committing suicide. He wanted her to kill herself. He told her, much like he’d tell me, “If you’re going to kill yourself, at least the pain will be through, right?”

The damage he did to me and my friend was real. My already-present eating disorder worsened when I was with him, and I shrank to a very baggy size 00 when I was with him. At my lowest weight, I’d faint while walking. Upon breaking up, I began popping pills and drinking. My best friend, on the other hand, developed alcoholic gastritis as a result of his abuse.

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His first ex never realized what happened. She’s got cirrhosis and other major alcoholism-related illnesses. She is still traumatized and was never able to mend bridges with the people who took Kyle’s side over hers during the breakup. I can’t blame her.

My friend and I, we’re healing, but we’re keeping an eye on Kyle. From what we’ve heard, he’s behaving the same with his new girlfriend — a younger lady with a child. We’re worried and we’ve all warned her that my ex is a serial killer and who he really is.

We know what he’s doing and we know that he’s a murderer in the making. The only problem is that we don’t have enough evidence to go to the police... and we can’t convince the girl he’s now dating of how sick this man really is.

Ladies, out in the dating scene: there are monsters lurking in the shadows. Sometimes, they look like Leatherface. Other times, the monster is the pretty boy with all the female friends. Be careful out there, and make sure you don’t fall victim to someone like Kyle.

If you've been a victim of emotional abuse, watch the video below for an uplifting message: