7 Men Reveal The FINAL Straw That Made Them End Their Relationship

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why he broke up with you

"The most reoccurring reason for me ending with someone is being held emotionally hostage."

As much as we may love someone, sometimes we just have to accept it's not working out. And there's a lot of reasons that can happen.

Maybe they are showing signs of being not faithful or maybe they are being so faithful — as in they hang around too much and are too into you — that it's scaring you off. Maybe they got too serious too fast. Or maybe they were not serious enough. Or maybe it was just constant drama, with endless fights.

If you are not having fun anymore or you are having too much fun and you just want to get serious (and they don't), things can unravel in a hurry.

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We asked what men think about breaking up with women they once had a connection with, and now you can find out why he broke up with you.

1. She held me emotionally hostage.

"The most reoccurring reason for me ending it with someone is being held emotionally hostage. I do my best to put my cards on the table about my sexuality, and the intensity behind it. At times past partners were not able to meet these needs, even though they may have said they could. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I have had these same partners claim to be used when I decide to move on. Sex can be messy and complicated, but throw emotions in there and it’s damn near impossible. Communication is all I have to figure out if I work with someone. If you can’t be honest and truly make an effort then it’s time for us to move on. It’s no one fault if we both try." —Josh Accardo, comedian

2. She was ashamed of me.

"It seemed she didn't think I was good enough to meet her friends or family. It hurt me. She always wanted to spend time 'just us,' so what was she hiding? Them or me?"

3. She was still in love with her ex.

"Guys get a bad rep for a roving eye, but I happened to glance at her phone and saw she was texting with her ex all the time, sometimes when we were together. Like, resolve that, or I'm moving on."

4. I didn't trust her.

"I give 100 percent of my trust to a woman when we start a relationship. It's nearly impossible to get it back. So if I catch you doing something nefarious, it's pretty much over. Open communication is key." —Ralph Sutton, radio personality and podcast host of The SDR Show

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5. She wanted to put a label on us.

"She kept putting pressure on trying to define us. At the first sign of any threat to my freedom, I am out of there. So, even though we were amazing together, with her need for it being defined, I had to call it quits."

6. She was baby crazy.

"'But all of my friends are having babies,' she said. I 'noped' right the f*ck out of there. Interestingly though, a few weeks later she still showed up to Valentine's Day for a date even though we were broken up (I thought). Was pretty awkward having a mercy date prior to my real date. She was batsh*t crazy. I was a freshman in college dating a girl in high school. Big mistake, but I avoided an even bigger one."

7. She hung around too often.

"This is really embarrassing but being TOO there. Not too available or too needy but too proximate. I like alone time to do what people do in alone time: read, write, process, plan. Some relationships, even platonic friendships, become too stifling to allow that to happen. I'm sure that affection is the culprit more so than insecurity but nonetheless, aggressive nesting makes me a lesser version of myself and certainly a lesser partner and has led to more than one split. "

Watch the video below for a guy's take on what he's thinking during a breakup:


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