8 Less-Obvious Signs That Your Man is Cheating On You

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For when your Prince Charming may be a Prince Charming Someone Else!

Things are changing at a rapid pace and what is familiar before can now be obsolete in a matter of weeks. It’s like it is easier to cheat these days more than ever. What’s a wife to do?

Besides being the best version of yourself to keep the relationship alive, you should watch out for the 8 modern signs he's cheating on you, compiled from a data of 50 who were caught in the act.

1. He’s not acting like his normal self.

Change is normal but changes that are too drastic or coming from seemingly out of nowhere can mean that something is amiss. An example would be staying in a separate room to "read emails" or wanting to go out more without you. A modern example would be suddenly installing communication apps he has no interest in before.

2. He has a sudden change in music preferences. 

It’s a human thing to like the stuff that a special someone likes. If your spouse suddenly becomes a hard metal guy after years of being a classical music aficionado, you can be certain that there’s something more than just the internet involved.

3. He’s stopped sharing his financial history.

As he spends more time with his mistress and his expenses pile up, he won’t want you to catch a whiff of what he’s been up to. He may change the passwords to his online banking account or he may open a new banking account for "emergencies."

4. He’s extremely moody.

Hiding secrets from one’s spouse can take a toll on a man’s psyche. He will become irritable or perhaps too nice as a means to compensate. He may also pick fights so he can have an excuse to stay away from you and therefore out of your sight. Wanting time alone is normal but if he’s not the type to be like this, then this is one of the signs he's cheating on you and you have a reason to be concerned.

5. There's been a rapid change in his appearance or weight.

Men who are cheating change physically. This is because of a conscious or unconscious attempt to be ready for courting or mating. It’s a scientific fact. A rapid change in looks signals that your man is readying himself to attract a mate.

6. He can't keep track of the details.

As he spends more time with his mistress, he can sometimes mistake a memory formed with her with one formed with you. When he starts remembering things that didn’t happen, you know he’s remembering memories with his other woman.

7. He’s become more tech-savvy. 

Some apps allow people to communicate and erase the messages as soon as it is read by the other party. Some apps allow a user to keep multiple profiles in one device. More so, a lot of apps allow for free long-distance messages and calls long as there is wifi or internet. A man that’s become very tech-savvy but won’t let you fiddle with his new found apps and tech is hiding something.

8. He's become secretive.

Your man could be cheating on you right beside you if he’s trying to hide his messages or would choose to take calls away from you, basically hiding things he used to share with you.

Watch the video below for an in-depth look at how social media has made cheating in relationships much easier:


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