8 Women Share Their 100% Honest, Unfiltered Thoughts On 69ing

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do women like 69

While there are women who enjoy giving blowjobs and others who enjoy receiving oral sex, do women like 69? According to the multiple individuals we spoke to, not really. In fact, many think the 69 sex position doesn't live up to the hype at all.

Some women agreed that they will only do this sex position on important occasions, like a birthday present, while others claim they are too focused on someone else's pleasure to enjoy their own.

Well, that makes sense. It's not about not liking it so much as there's too much going on at once. But there are some things not to like. For instance, if his testicles smell bad. (Been there, done that. Sweaty testicles in your face is everything but a turn-on.)

So, do women like 69? We asked these ladies to weigh in.

1. It's incredibly distracting.

"69 is far too distracting and I don't actually believe women can orgasm that way. Every time it feels good, I feel like I'm about to bite his penis and I feel anxious and lose it. I enjoy it as a precursor to sex but not a substitute for oral sex."

2. It's only great when you do it with someone you love.

"It is one of the reasons why I married my husband. It is amazing when the two partners can trust each other and let go of any inhibitions. But yes, if your partner is really good at it, it is best to do so unhurriedly, enjoying each other as sex is meant to be."

3. I'm prone to biting when I orgasm, so it's a bad idea.

"Short version: Useless! It sounds like a great idea until you're doing it and either can't breathe or being gagged or both. Plus I tend to bite down when I climax."

4. I feel suffocated!

"I am not a huge fan. I feel like I am being smothered if he's on top and because I am bigger I feel weird about being on top sometimes. I'd rather just let us take care of each other one at a time."

5. I'll oblige... as long as my eyes are closed.

"Keep your eyes closed unless you want to look at your partner's butthole. Also, it can be kinda difficult to focus on performing oral sex if your partner is any good at it themselves. Personally, I prefer to take turns receiving so everyone is sure they did a good job. And if you don't enjoy performing oral sex (for whatever reason), don't do it. Your partner can tell."

6. Taking turns is much easier.

"I prefer to take turns as 69 is too distracting."

7. The mechanics make things too complicated.

"It's the same as shower sex: it looks good on paper but it really doesn't work out."

8. It's much better with lesbians.

"This sex position is fun if both partners enjoy oral sex. If you're not into oral, it sucks. It's more fun with two females."

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