These Spoiled Zodiac Signs Expect To Be Treated Like The Royalty They Are

These signs are spoiled rotten.

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According to astrology and to our horoscopes, there are a select few zodiac signs who tend to be more selfish than the rest. Not to say it's necessarily a BAD thing to be selfish — every one of us deserves the best in life, and a few of us know just the way to get it. But when it comes to these astrological signs, selfishness and a self-centered attitude can quickly turn into brattiness. 

Now, being spoiled rotten is only for a few select people. I myself have way too much guilt for expecting something to be all about me — in fact, I'm a terrible person to be spoiled.


And that can be a bad thing too — when a loved one goes to try to spoil you or compliment you or bring you sweet things out of nowhere, being a person who gets awkward in these situations can be just as bad as one who expects them.

But for these people, being treated like royalty is just another walk in the park.



I’ve noticed that being spoiled looks different on everyone. Some people turn into the brat that you usually see at the mall having a temper tantrum while his mom ignores him.

Others want nothing but the best of the best, and will often share photos of the three dozen roses and champagne their significant other got them on Instagram.



But no matter how you personally wear “spoiled rotten” one thing is always true: you LOOOOOVE being showered with gifts and affection. And you KNOW you deserve every bit of it.

Whenever I think of the classic spoiled princess, I think of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

Not only did she constantly have everything she could ever want right at her fingertips, but she also had her little minions doing her dirty work and a boyfriend to give her expensive gifts.


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If I could pull off being spoiled, I would want to do it like her because she is the definition of being treated like royalty. But more than that, Blair makes pretty much everything look easy.

Those who like being waited on hand and foot tend to already love being taken care of by someone else.

There can be a sense of feeling protected and comforted, whether that comes with material goods or actions.

But some people don’t just see being spoiled as a way to receive presents and having things being paid for; they see it as a way to get closer to someone and feel loved… Of course, getting free stuff doesn’t hurt, either.

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So, if you were to relate this need for affection and protection to astrology, it would be easy to see which signs are more apt to being spoiled.

Whether it’s the personality they show to the world (ahem, Leo) or a secret want to be taken care of by someone, these 4 selfish zodiac signs deserve to be treated like the royalty (or spoiled brat) they are.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini selfish zodiac signs spoiled rotten

Because Gemini sometimes feels like two different people, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she likes both being spoiled and doing the spoiling.

When she’s spoiling someone, she likes to act kind of like a sugar daddy, where nothing is too expensive or too over the top for her special someone. But when she’s being spoiled, she can turn into a little kid who will stomp her feet until she gets what she wants.

Gemini’s favorite part about being spoiled is that she doesn’t have to choose between one thing and another.

Instead of dealing with her constant indecisiveness, she likes the idea of having it all. Plus, having someone wait on her hand and foot doesn’t hurt.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

Leo selfish zodiac signs spoiled rotten

Leo was obviously born spoiled and has gotten away with it for so long that she wouldn’t even know how to act if you told her she couldn’t have whatever she wanted anymore.

In addition to loving the idea of being able to simply point at something and get it, Leo loves that she is the center of attention.

To Leo, being spoiled isn’t just about being showered with gifts. It also means being treated like royalty, which includes being first for everything, having people around to get whatever she needs when she needs it, and feeling like a queen.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Libra selfish zodiac signs spoiled rotten

Libra spends so much time takes care of other people’s needs that when she’s being spoiled, she goes all out. She can sometimes take it over the top, but the excuse you’ll always hear with Libra is that she deserves it.

Not only does she like having someone take care of her, but she also likes not having to make a decision (much like Gemini).

If Libra says she wants a pair of shoes by Rihanna for her birthday, then it’s up to you to decide which ones to get her; all she cares about is getting what she asks for.

Hint: she isn’t going to get upset if you come back with more than one pair because you couldn’t decide.

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces selfish zodiac signs spoiled rotten

To Pisces, being spoiled is crazy romantic. There’s something about being taken care of and loved (and showered with gifts) that she finds irresistible.

Plus, Pisces already knows that she’s royalty, so there’s no reason for her to act any other way.

One thing you do need to watch out for though is that she can sometimes turn selfish if she’s starts getting comfortable with being spoiled.

But even when she’s acting like a spoiled brat, Pisces knows that she should be thankful to the person who is spoiling her. That said, she could still use a little lesson in being humble.

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