15 Wrist Tattoos That Are PERFECT For Summer

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summer wrist tattoos

Everyone could use a little something something to show off this summer.

When I used to think of wrist tattoos, I was always turned off because I thought it could only be on the underside of your wrist to be considered a wrist tattoo.

I know that’s not a realistic assumption, but what I’m trying to get at is that I never knew how dainty, yet sexy wrist tattoos could really be.

I think, no matter what you decide to get tattooed on your wrist, what makes it sexy is the placement itself.

Your wrists are a largely forgotten part of your body that can be considered an erogenous zone, just like the inside of the elbows or the inner thighs, so having a perfectly placed tattoo there only makes it sexier.

That could just be my opinion, but if you’re looking for a wrist tattoo idea, you probably want something dainty, cute, or sexy (or all of the above) to make your arm really stand out.

Listen, I know how hard it is to think of a unique, totally “you” type of tattoo that isn’t already taken by a hundred other people.

The only reason I have yet to get another tattoo is because I can’t for the life of me think of what to get.

You either have no ideas whatsoever or you have too many to narrow down, but if you already know you want a tattoo on your wrist, you’re already halfway there.

Instead of the classic script tattoo or little butterfly, your tattoo should be something totally unique. Whether you want to show everyone how much you love traveling and enjoying the good things in life, or you just want to have a personal reminder to stay strong, your tattoo should be all about YOU.

And since summer is the BEST time to show off your tattoo — since you’ll be baring your arms anyway — what’s better inspiration than summer itself?!

Not only are these wrist tattoo ideas the perfect starting point as you figure out exactly what kind of tattoo you should get, but they also celebrate what summer is all about: sun, surf, and enjoying all that nature has to offer...

And if you really can’t choose, just remember: these tattoos will look just as good pretty much anywhere on your body.

A new take on the classic flower tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

Nothing says dainty and beautiful like a flower tattoo, but wrapping it around your wrist and breaking it up with some negative space makes this a one-of-a-kind tattoo.

An ornate crescent moon
Photo: Pinterest

Crescent moon tattoos are perfect for those who want a little cosmic magic on their body, but dressing it up in eye-catching detail kind of makes it feel like it's your own moon, since you made the design all your own, you know?

A simple pineapple
Photo: Pinterest

Minimalist or simple tattoos are perfect because they not only make a statement, but they are subtle enough to still be dainty. Plus, a pineapple is the perfect symbol of summer, isn't it?

Bracelet-style tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

Wrist tattoos don't only have to be on one side of the wrist, and with a bracelet-style tattoo, you can definitely have it both ways. A tattoo like this is perfect for someone who wants to show off the shape of their wrist in a sexy, yet subtle way.

Traditional roses
Photo: Pinterest

What makes this tattoo a classic is the traditional roses, but what makes it unique is the fact that they aren't filled in with color. They can bring a beautiful negative space to your wrist or act as a coloring project if you ever get bored.

Tiny palm trees to perfectly accentuate your wrist
Photo: Pinterest

If pineapples aren't your thing, but you still want to get a summer-inspired tattoo, tiny palm trees should be your next choice. Intricate detail will bring this tattoo from pretty to stunning, and the bracelet-inspired bottom brings a little extra somethin' somethin' to it.

A tiny rose that definitely reminds me of Beauty and the Beast
Photo: Pinterest

This tattoo totally reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, which is probably why I like it the most, but it also perfectly embodies what summer is all about: blooming buds and new life.

Mandala-inspired ink
Photo: Pinterest

Mandalas can have a lot of meaning, which is why I'm a firm believer in keeping that good energy on your body, but adjusting it to fit your wrist makes it even more stunning. Cutting the design in half will make it more eye-catching and dainty for those of us who prefer smaller tats.

A map of the world for the travel addict
Photo: Pinterest

Isn't it a rite of passage to spend the whole summer traveling the world? Well, obviously we can't ALL do that, but if you still have wanderlust, a delicate map of the world will remind you to stay curious and adventurous.

An anchor to keep you grounded... Or just because you like anchors
Photo: Pinterest

A lot of people get anchor tattoos to symbolize strength and being grounded, but if you just like them because they remind you of yachts and summers, then by all means go for it!

A flower bracelet
Photo: Pinterest

This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants something subtle, yet totally beautiful encircling their wrist. The best part about getting a tattoo like this is that you can make sure you get all of your fave flowers on your wrist so that it means even more to you.

A small island when you want a getaway
Photo: BuzzFeed

Not only is this tattoo within a perfect circle — almost like a picture — but it can be your own little island for those times when you want to get away, but can't. And when the winters are brutal, all you have to do is look down at your wrist and dream of the summer.

A funky little lotus flower
Photo: Pinterest

Lotus flowers bloom best in muddy waters, which is a perfect metaphor for someone who's been through a lot but can still come out looking fabulous. Add a little extra detail to make it even prettier and you've got yourself one heck of a tattoo.

Another mandala-inspired tattoo for the front of your wrist this time
Photo: Pinterest

For those who want their tattoo to be hidden at times, having your ink on the inside of your wrist is a good spot. But if you want to show the whole dang thing off, then why not put it on the outside of your wrist and go all out with the detail. This tattoo in particular is definitely eye-catching.

A flower tattoo for someone who doesn't want the same old flower tattoo everyone else has
Photo: Pinterest

Flower tattoos can get boring after a while, I get it. But if you mix up the placement a bit and give it some life, you can bring new life to an old idea. This one is PERFECT for just an occasion because it wraps a bit around the wrist to give it dimension, while still being a romantic flower tattoo in black and white.