5 Modern-Day Signs A Guy Is Cheating On You (As Written By A Guy)

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signs your man is cheating

Don't let him fool you.

Before smartphones stole our attention, the signs your man is cheating were different. Suspicions might have arisen if he came home from work late, or if someone was repeatedly calling the house phone and hanging up when you answered.

But thanks to today’s technology, your boyfriend has easy and instant access to connect with whoever crosses his mind: A girl he swiped on Tinder, an old crush he found on Facebook, a co-worker or someone he met at a coffee shop.

He could be having an affair on his phone while being in the same room as you and you wouldn’t even know it. That is unless you know what to look for. If you want to know the signs your man is cheating in today’s world, look for these modern clues:

1. He won't let you look at the apps on his phone.

Some apps save your location history. Other apps allow users to have secret conversations. If he’s not okay with you seeing what apps he has installed or if he gets anxious about you looking, it sounds like he doesn’t want you to know where he’s been.

2. He gets text messages late at night.

Late-night texting could be a sign that he’s trying to conceal his communications with someone from you. Then again, it could be his mom.

To get a clue, examine his body language when that next text pings at 1:11 AM. What facial expression does he make upon reading the message? Does he look happy? Excited? Does he have a smile he can’t wipe off his face?

If he’s smiling while texting back, think: does he typically have that smile when he’s texting his friends? This is the kind of situation your instincts are made for. What is his smile saying? Does it look like the same smile he gave you when you first started dating? His reaction to a late-night text will tell you a lot. If he rolls over in bed and ignores it, it’s probably nothing.

3. He always keeps his phone on silent.

Did your boyfriend used to leave his phone on the kitchen counter and now he keeps it in his pocket on silent? If so, that sounds suspicious. A cheating boyfriend doesn’t want to miss a beat of ecstasy by disappearing from a texting conversation with the other woman.

Guys who’ve admitted to cheating reveal they used to text the other woman right under their girlfriends’ noses. That means while lying next to her in bed, while talking in the kitchen, while in the passenger seat of the car, and so on.

Just because your man is physical with you, it doesn’t mean he is mentally there. A guy who keeps his phone on silent around you doesn’t want you to know who is texting him or when.

4. He has suspicious names or numbers on his phone. 

Are there any nicknames on his phone you don’t recognize? Or calls from unrecognizable numbers?

To keep his lover’s info hidden, he might try to pull a fast one on you. Some guys have put the other woman’s number within the contact info of one of his family members. Others will use only a first name, initials or a nickname to conceal her number on his phone.

And don’t just give up your quest for truth if he tells you it’s just a friend or co-worker. The accessibility of being connected to different people all the time could have led to an emotional affair.

5. He says he has "issues" with his phone, email, or social media, or that his phone always dies.

If a guy is constantly blaming modern technology or a dead phone for randomly falling out of a conversation, it sounds like he’s hiding something. You want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this situation sounds more like an excuse to not talk to you. He could be limiting conversation with you so he can talk to her. Again, this is one of those situations your good instincts will lead you to truth.

Infidelity is as old as relationships, but the signs of cheaters have changed. Technology has become a sneaky way to cheat, so you should know which behaviors look like an affair.

For even more signs that your man is cheating on you, check out the video below for more information on the psychology of why people cheat:


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