Things You Should Never To Do A Penis, As Told By Guys

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We all have things during sex that we like. 

It would go to follow (you know, logic) that we all have things we DON'T like during sex.

I've never a huge fan of guys squeezing my breasts while we're having sex. Don't get me wrong — I love having my boobs played with during the act, but when he's just sort of using my boobs as a means of keeping himself upright, I feel less like I'm in the arms of my lover and more like janky ride at the carnival passing through town. 

While you might think of men as being sex-obsessed machines (and they are), they too, have things that they can't stand during sex.

Almost all of these things involve their best friend, their penis. 

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During sex (or any time, really) the penis can be extremely sensitive and in some cases fragile. 

Ask any guy in your life (except for your dad because that's weird) and he will tell you what they can't stand happening to their penis during sex. 

What do men hate? Anything that is going to upset their members, and frankly I can't blame them! 

I asked a group of very long suffering anonymous men what men hate about what women do to their penises, and they were happy to answer. 

Hopefully you'll learn a lesson - I know I did! 

  • "Don't rub my [penis] like you're trying to start a fire, the friction is painful."
  • "If she is stimulating me to give me an orgasm by mouth or hand and I make it clear that I am [orgasming], it sucks when she acknowledges that by changing what it is that she was doing to get me there, resulting in very awkward or less satisfying orgasms. In other words, you were jerking me off now I am [finishing], so don't start jerking me off HARDER or faster. What you were doing was perfect, don't change a thing."
  • "Mostly just a lack of involvement or engagement to my [penis] at all."
  • "Due to physical shapes of our bodies and the angles required, we wind up doing most of the work, which is perfectly fine... but when a girl that supposedly wants to be doing this turns her face away, closes her eyes and bites her lip while not moving her hands at all, it makes it difficult for me to enjoy myself because it really seems like she's not enjoying herself. You don't have to moan like a porn star, just make sure your partner knows that you're involved and having a good time. Don't be scared of my penis."
  • "Once a girl was giving me a blowjob. I looked down and made eye contact, and she took my [penis] out her mouth and said, 'What...?' Don't do that."
  • "Teeth during a blowjob."
  • "I hate when a woman is on top and she buries it to the hilt and rolls around like she's trying to lubricate you. F*cking bends my ding-dong like a kinked hose."
  • "Kissing my penis gently. I am extremely ticklish and you are about to catch a knee to the face and I will assume no blame."

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  • "If we've had sex multiple times and you wanna go for another round, don't sit there and rub it with your hand over and over. It's terribly sensitive after being inside you, and you're just hurting it at this point. Use mouth."
  • "Bad cowgirl technique. You can't just bounce up and down as hard as you can, that's horribly uncomfortable or downright painful, and I'm utterly terrified I'll wind up with a penile fracture. The girl has to hold herself up a bit."
  • "Speaking as a cut man, it's definitely a lot less sensitive than what my uncut friends describe, and as a result, the girl needs to apply more pressure in order to stimulate during hand jobs (I usually don't bother with them at all to be honest, I can do a better job myself)."