25 Divorce Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Your Newfound Freedom

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divorce tattoo ideas


Divorce stinks. 

There's the emotional aspect of breaking up, having to split up the things you once shared.

If there weren't any children involved, you realize that this person you once thought would be there forever may never be there for you, again. 

And that's sad. 

Even when you wanted the divorce, it stings.

A part of you feels embarrassed. Another part of you wonders what will happen next while getting a divorce, and then after it's final.

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But all of you realizes that no matter what life was like before you got married, you will never be the person you were before you said, "I do."

No. Getting divorced is not the same as breaking up with a long-term boyfriend or fiance. (Sorry, it's just not.)  

When you get married, especially if you're a woman, there's a lot of pressure to take on a new identity.

You're so-and-so's wife. You're no longer, Miss or Ms., you're a Mrs. 

Your last name sometimes becomes his name. 

"Me" becomes "we".

So, when a divorce happens, even one you initiated or wanted, it feels weird being single again.

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Sure, you're happy to be free, but you remember when you lost your freedom. 

Still, a lot of thought goes into deciding to divorce, and Something had to happen or cause a major hurt that led to calling it quits.

It takes bravery and courage to accept the closure divorce brings.

For that reason, getting divorced is ink-worthy.

To help you celebrate or mourn the end of a significant relationship, we've gathered together 25 of the best divorce tattoo ideas for when you want to celebrate the end of your marriage. 

When it felt like a cage.
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The lesson was worth the journey.
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You'll never forget your wings, again.

Reality is the greatest teacher.
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"Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly."

No more feeling trapped in my own skin.
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Freedom never felt so good.

Time to forgive, but never forget.
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"Sometimes you need to let things go."

Live and learn.
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"Sometimes you fall before you fly."

Time heals all wounds.
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"This too shall pass."

You will be okay.
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"Rise above this."

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Things will get better.
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"It's always darkest before the dawn."

Acceptance is tough.
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"Nothing's forever."

Finding yourself again.
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"You are what you love not who loves you."

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"Life goes on."

No more fighting.
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"Enjoy the silence."

Good things up ahead.
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"The past is practice."

Time to love yourself.
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"Remember who you are."

It took courage.
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"Free yourself."

When it hurt, but you're happier now.
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Sometimes you have to be unlucky to realize your strength.

When you're learning to love yourself, again.
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No longer weak.
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"Woman of strength."

Take things as they come.
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"Let it be."

Look on the bright side.
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"Never a failure. Always a lesson."

When you're a survivor.
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"Still I rise."