7 Sexy Stories About People Trying Swinging For The First Time

Debunking the myths without omitting the mystery.

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Trends come and go, and that includes sex trends.

We’ve seen lots of taboo sex subjects become an erotic soft spot — like BDSM thanks to mainstream movies like 50 Shades of Grey and tunes like Rihanna’s "S&M."

At the moment it seems that everyone is interested swinging — and their curiosity seems to be piqued when it comes to the kinky spouse swapping activity.


Perhaps there has always interest in this type of kink, but people are seemingly more apt to open up about the type of kinky shit they’re into as we become more a progressive society as far as sexuality. 

Whatever the case may be, kinky people everywhere are rejoicing for sure.

But for those who may be curious about exploring, the fear of the unknown could be standing in your way. That doesn’t mean you have to forego the kink. It just means you might want to ease into it instead of jumping in head first.  

One way to do that is to dabble in the swinger lifestyle by partaking in some top-notch erotic literature.


As you may know by now we’re big fans of these kink-filled free erotic stories that sites such as Literotica have to offer. Yes, the internet is filled with them, but we only want the very best for you. That’s what we've scoured the archives looking for these detailed, mood-setting kinky stories

Here are 7 jaw-dropping (and maybe even panty dropping) free erotic stories about the swinging adventures of others couples — you know — so you don’t have to go out and actually try it quite yet. 

1. "A Hot New Wife" Erotic Story

"Then, fuck him, fuck him good!" I growled as I felt my cock jerk and I began coming in my shorts like some teenager in a backseat of a car!


This was the first time, the first time we had a 'name' to go with our fantasies, a real person, a person that the next day would take her to lunch if she said yes, a person who would take her back to his hotel if she said yes, a person who would FUCK her if she said yes! 

"Everything was different. 

What happened next, however, shocked me the most. Usually, after even a fantasy game, she would say something about it staying fantasy but quietly she said to me. 

'Would you help decide what to wear tomorrow?'" 

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2. "Swing Club Virgins" Erotic Story

"I admit, we mostly invited single men to join us. I loved being involved in the swinging lifestyle but felt no attraction to other women so I was pretty nervous about taking the plunge. I also wasn't so sure about seeing my husband deriving such pleasure from another woman. All I knew was that involving another woman in any way would drive him wild with ecstasy and I needed to give him that experience.


We had talked about going to swing clubs, but I wasn't sure I would feel comfortable. I liked the privacy of our home. I eventually felt I could enjoy it, but told him I could never go to an on premise club.

So now I am looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that in about an hour I will be walking through the door of an on premise club and looking for me and my husband to have sex with a woman. Holy crap! Would I be able to do this?"

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3. "Party Extreme Ch. 01" Erotic Story

"About half an hour later Maxine came over to us with a tall dark haired, ruggedly handsome man she introduced as Malcolm. Malcolm looked like he belonged in Hollywood adventure movies. Actually, he was awesome. He was probably in his late forties and had that air of worldliness about him. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I straightened up a bit, put on a cheerful face, and thrust my boobs out a little. Maxine explained the remaining guests were staying for the fun part of the evening. They were swingers! 


I felt as if my stomach had fallen to the floor. I was horrified and wondered what we were being dragged into. She went on to explain that we had been chosen to stay on. There had been a number of couples asked the party to be vetted by the members of her swingers club, but we were the only couple deemed suitable. I don't know what their criteria were, but I couldn't help feeling a little flattered, but scared. That feeling quickly gave way to fury, as I knew John must be in on this. He had set me up.

There was no way I was going to swing. I enjoyed sex. In fact, I loved it, but at that point, I loved it strictly within my marriage. I turned on John, but the look of horror on his face suggested he didn't know what was going on either."

4. Floridian Swing Sex Story

"Darren was going to screw my wife, and I agreed to it without even knowing it.


Sherry hugged me and said Tara was in good hands. She said Darren liked to relax and romance his ladies with satin sheets and scented candles, and she knew Tara would like that. I guessed that was something the ladies talked about on their shopping excursions. She also said Darren would do his best to ensure Tara enjoyed her first experience.

The feeling of jealousy washed over me, especially now knowing Darren planned to romance Tara in a way I never have. However, I also felt comforted knowing that my wife was going to be treated well. I could imagine them lying on the bed across from one another, slowly getting acquainted.

Touching. Whispering. Kissing."

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5. "Conspiracy to Wife Swap" Erotic Story

Saturday night arrived and there was plenty of sexual tension in the air. Dinner went as Pattie had planned. Adam pulled Jason aside before dinner.

"You know what Pattie has planned right and you're alright with it?" Adam asked.


"Yeah I am, are you?" Jason said. Adam answered with a fist bump.

Jason fixed Annie's first drink strong but not enough to make her notice. She downed it quickly showing her nerves. By dinner, she was on her second margarita. Dinner was quick with Annie starting to relax.

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6.  "First Time For Everything" Erotic Story

"I knew my wife was looking at other men. In fact, I had encouraged her to meet someone. I wasn't sure about what I was getting myself into, but I was about to find out. Not long after Laura and I discussed this, she met someone at a party. She later confessed to me her attraction to the stranger. As far as I knew they had only talked at the party. At least that is what I believed until recently. 


I had taken an afternoon off and was washing dishes in the kitchen while Laura was in the dining room having coffee with two friends. They were talking about the party and perhaps they didn't know I could overhear them.

'His eyes were gorgeous,' I heard my wife say. 'That's a man that would make any women spread her legs,' she added.

'Well, he seemed to like you too.' Her friend put in. "You guys talked all night. I saw you give him your number. Has he called you yet?'

'Yes,' Laura said. "We've talked a few times on the phone and we're going on our first date this weekend.'

I was surprised. I stood still. I couldn't believe what I heard. It had always been a fantasy of ours but she had never gone this far. The thing was, the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. And, we had even talked about trying the same thing with me."


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7. "A Soldier's Tale" Erotic Story

"I glanced over at Brad and Cindy and they were doing a bit of fondling and kissing themselves when Kelly let out an almost inaudible moan and Cindy looked over at me. Her eyes were smoldering and as we locked eyes, she saw what Kelly was doing to me and reached down to massage Brads cock through his pants. After a couple of minutes of this, the movie ended and I got up to get some ice water. As I was coming back into the living room, Cindy came around the corner and ran into me, spilling the water a little bit.


She smiled and said "Sorry", gave me a hug and with a devilish grin grabbed my cock through my sweats for a second and then headed to the kitchen."

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