7 OMG Mother-Daughter BFF Quotes From 'Gilmore Girls'

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Noted as one of the most endearing, quirky and witty mother-daughter duos on TV, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore gave us some truly memorable dialogue throughout Gilmore Girls' seven seasons. Their boundary-less relationship is more than just that of mom and daughter: they are fast-talking best friends.

And now that the Gilmore Girls is streaming in its entirety on Netflix*, we're getting the chance to relive all their greatest moments and one-liners about everything a serious—and totally relatable!—coffee addiction (read: LOVE) to inspirational snark to breakups and makeups. It. Is. Real.

If your mom is the Lorelai to your Rory, then these seven mother-daughter best friend quotes (that also double as love quotes) from Gilmore Girls will make you realize how much your BFF mom has taught you. 

*If you haven't already, RE-WATCH Gilmore Girls. Just do it.

Staying in bed past 11 AM is the most exciting thing in life. As learned from mom.
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Also learned from mom? Relationships are hard ...
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... but there's always the marry-a-rich-dude option ...
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... and solidarity, sister.
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Plus this isn't weird, right?
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Scared, sad, lonely, confused? Call mom!
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Because ...
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