The "Astral Sex" Trend Is Out Of This World — But Is It Even REAL?

Close your eyes and let your mind travel.

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When I was in my teenager years (and very much not having any sex to speak of, unless sex with my pillow counts) I was really, really into the weird pseudoscience of sleep. 

Dream interpretation? I did that. I owned goddamn manuals dedicated to decrypting the secret meanings of my dreams and the dreams of all the boys I had crushes on. 

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Lucid dreaming? That thing where you try to control your dreams? I did, and sadly, I never managed to have the lucid sex dreams for which I pined.

I was basically Tina from Bob's Burgers, only hornier and blonde. 

As I grew up and became an adult, I was less interested in dreams, in what they meant, or in controlling them. But then I spotted this Marie Claire article about something called "astral sex" and was like, "Damn, I have been out of the game for too long!" 


I learned a ton about this new sex trend that is taking over the internet and your pants, and I set out to answer the question "what is astral sex?" and to figure out how I can have it, and so can you! 

So, what is astral sex?

Astral sex is related to astral projection. 

What's astral projection? David Bowie, take it away! 

Astral projection is a concept and term that has existed for thousands of years. Most cultures throughout the world have their own histories with astral projection, but for the most part, it means when a person willfully causes themselves to have an out of body experience.


Astral projection is said to be far more common in people who are in between the stages of REM sleep and unconsciousness. 

So you know that feeling when it's like you're dropping from a great height or being rolled down a hallway at a high speed? That's the state people who believe in astral projection find to be the time you will be the most likely to achieve an out of body experience. 

So if you want to know how to have sex of the astral variety, you have to leave your body and have sex with another person's spirit. 

OK, stay with me here.

Astral projection guru Steve G. Jones believes that everyone has the ability to have out-of-body sex with another soul, meaning there is "no procreation, there’s no STDs, and there’s no pregnancy. Feedback is very important during sexual intercourse, and that’s sometimes lost in the physical world … but in the astral world, feedback is automatic, because you’re seeing your soul."


That's right — astral sex means a mind orgasm. You know. Because no other parts of your body are like, actually touching, and the jury's still out on whether or not souls have erogenous zones. 

How do I have astral sex?

According to "The best way to have astral sex is to lie down and relax as much as you can until you reach a meditative state, then imagine your soul sitting up without moving your physical body. Then, once your soul is free it will roam and find its astral sex partner."

(I have so many questions about this. Like, can souls consent? Are souls hot? How do you know that you aren't like, having astral sex with your own cousin?)


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Apparently, using the same meditative state, you can also have astral sex while masturbating or even while having sex with another person. At first I thought this second one seemed real mean until I figured out that they meant having astral sex WITH the person you're having sex with and not like, some random soul. 

I'm pretty skeptical about this, but I'm willing to give it a try and report back. If you've had positive experiences (or negative ones) with astral sex, or you want to let your friends know about this bizarre new sex trend, then share this article!