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Hormone Treatments Help Man's Penis DOUBLE In Size

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A man in India recently got the side effect of the year when doctors began treating him for hypogonadism. He was injected with hormones for nine months, and when that treatment was done, they discovered that his penis had doubled in length. Amazingly, it went from 1.85 inches (flaccid, duh) to 3.7 inches (...still flaccid). 

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In case you didn't know (totally possible, because most folks do not while away their free time learning all there is to know about men, their penises, and the vast array of medical conditions that can affect them and/or their sex lives at any given time), hypogonadism is a condition wherein the male body produces little to no testosterone. 

As you might imagine, this can create all sorts of different problems for the men suffering from this condition. Symptoms like hot flashes, muscle weakness, fatigue, and depression are common among men suffering from male hypogonadism. 

Another symptom of the disorder? The effects it can have on the size of the penis. Male hypogonadism affects the development of the penis itself. Most sufferers have penises as adults that are no larger than a boy's pre-pubescent penis. It's not surprising that this one symptom, penis size, in particular (along with the accompanying side effects of low sex drive and erectile dysfunction), is the one that most commonly sends men running to consult their doctors.

There's no shame in that game.

I'm a woman and I've avoided treating depression but have been ON MY SHIT when I notice even the slightest waning of my sex drive. We sex having folks must indeed prioritize things, after all. If a man has a small penis and thinks a doctor can find a way to get a bigger penis for him, then why the hell not?

All that said, it is interesting that the reports coming out about this treatment focus so closely on his penis size and fail to really address whether the other symptoms he sought treatment for (lack of pubic hair, fewer erections, etc) were ever alleviated. Hypogonadism can be a serious condition and penis size is usually the least of most sufferers' worries. It speaks a lot to the importance that men are taught to place on their penis size over everything else — even their own health. 

What good is a bigger penis if it can't stand at attention when the hour comes for it to do just that?

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I think it's wonderful that men who are insecure about the size of their penis now potentially have an option to tackle this problem in a doctor's office — and not at home with some device they bought off the late night shopping channel. That said, it kinda sucks that we have taught men that they need to prioritize their penis size over their mental, physical, and emotional health.