9 Guys Reveal The Superficial Thing That Made Them Lose Interest In A Girl FAST

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superficial reasons men break up with women

The truth hurts.

Sometimes, we know we've blown it with someone. We were too needy or we called too much, so it makes sense they lost interest. Other times, we're not sure what actually happened.

Having bad fingernails, yelling at waiters or being late are all superficial reasons men break up with women. They can make men immediately lose their interest and attraction and ultimately give you the boot. It's all pretty shallow, right?

We can't judge because we're kind of there too. How often have you grown tired of a guy because of the sound of his voice or his interest in football? We asked guys the superficial reasons men break up with women and their answers are... pretty ridiculous. 

1. She has bad grammar.

"Sorry, English is our native language (unless she's not a native US person). It's a simple thing to write and speak well and not get upset over text words (and I get the evolution of language), but 'you're' versus 'your' is not an excuse."

2. She's too shy.

"I like a woman who is vocal in bed. She isn't shy or afraid to express herself when she is giving or receiving pleasure. That creates more enthusiasm and passion on my part. When the passion is gone between two people, I lose interest."

3. She's completely self-absorbed.

"She's all about her own self-interest and has a complete lack for the person sitting across from them."

4. Her teeth are crooked or have gaps.

"A girl with a gap between her two front teeth is an automatic loss of interest."

5. She's too vain.

"I personally can't stand when a woman is really concerned with how she looks because she's in competition with other women. I had a girlfriend who liked to dress up and look good for HERSELF and for ME, and that I really liked. The girlfriend I had after that would always make comments about whether she's going to look better than other girls who were going to be at the same event. That insecurity is a real big turn-off, especially because it comes from a superficial nature."

6. She's lacking good fashion sense.

“If you are wearing Uggs or, worse yet, dirty Uggs, I want nothing to do with you. I take it to mean you’re lazy and have no fashion sense. And if they’re dirty I assume in addition that you’re also a slob and you don’t care about yourself. Also, any kind of pants with something written on the butt? Go f*ck yourself."

7. She only talks about herself.

"When a conversation turns into a one-way street, it is incredibly hard to keep your attention to that person. Dialogue should be a give and take."

8. She takes things too literal.

"Linear thinking. I went on a handful of dates with a woman who was very book smart but very literal. Very early, I appreciated that sarcasm by text wasn't going to work but a lack of picking up at subtlety made communication with this English-as-a-first-language speaker maddeningly difficult. Explaining a joke and waiting a beat to hear 'that's funny' was an exercise in frustration."

9. She constantly one-ups.

"Now, I don't believe a woman should let a man win at games. Much like Joseph Fiennes from Handmaid's Tale, I get excited when a woman kicks my ass in Scrabble, but I don't like it when a woman has to try to top you in EVERYTHING. Had a bad day? 'Well, mine was worse.' Broke your finger? 'Let me tell you about how I broke both my arms.' Have a bad boss? 'My boss is the worst EVER.' When a woman refuses to commiserate with you and challenges everything you say (rather than just nodding and saying "That sucks" sometimes), it can be a huge turn-off."