The 23 MOST Inspiring Things Said At The 2017 Forbes Women's Summit

Kerry Washington. Kim Kardashian. DAMN, these women are KILLING it.

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This year’s Forbes Women’s Summit theme is Navigating a New Tomorrow and has an accompanying hashtag #RedefinePower. The event’s purpose was to bring together women, talk about issues, and turn ideas into actions for our future.

The event included keynote speakers, panelists, interviews, and spotlights to spark conversations about the issues women face today.

The participants came from all across the entertainment, politics, and business industries to cover every topic possible about what women are experiencing and how we can make a real difference in the world.



The hope is that through these conversations, is that the speakers will be a source of inspiration to take the new definition of power into the workplace.

Some notable speakers at the conference included Kim Kardashian West, Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards, and Melanie Whelan, CEO of SoulCycle.


Kim Kardashian at the Forbes Women's Summit 2017,

The event included representatives from 5 continents and covered the five core pillars: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Health, Education and Philanthropy.

Women STILL face many issues today including a continuing gender wage gap, women’s health, domestic violence and much, much more.


Although we have come a long way from 50 years ago, fighting for our rights never stops and we should never be satisfied. Nothing will ever be completely fair and equal until we SAY something about it.

The summit is the perfect answer to continuing on in our journey to get what is right and fair.

The yearly summit highlights women who have experienced inequality in the workplace BUT who have also achieved impact and influence in their communities, businesses, and society.

Moira Forbes, Executive Vice President of Forbes Media and Publisher of ForbesWoman, explained that “the summit will harness the intellect and influence of these leaders in order to build meaningful partnerships and bring about much-needed change on critical issues of our time."


Laverne Cox and Moira Forbes at the Forbes Women's Summit 2016,

Many women feel disappointment and anger with the social climate we live in and the choices that are being made in government. When we thought all of the inequality was behind us, we continuously find ourselves still fighting for what is equal and right.

The summit is EXACTLY what we need now and in the future to re-iterate the importance of feminism in the workplace, government, entertainment, politics and beyond. We all could use a place to feel empowered to make changes and push forward as a unified front. And the Forbes Women's Summit is the perfect place to do so.


So in honor of another powerful year, check out some of our favorite empowering tweets and inspiring quotes from the summit from these uber-inspiring women.

Listen to these women address issues and share ideas to make a change so you can be motivated to do the same.

1. We CAN’T do it all by ourselves. We have to connect and learn from one another to enact change.

“Power is about engagement: connecting and relating. Leaders have to connect and turn ideas into action.” — Moira Forbes


2. On the landscape of filmmaking today.

"There's a missing feminine voice in Hollywood" — Patty Jenkins

3. When confidence is ALWAYS key.

"I went in believing there was a chance we could make something we could believe in" — Patty Jenkins


4. A HERO in our books!

"Innovation.. is a typical adventure in a hero story, which I now live today." —​ Marley Dias

5. Redefining what a director is.

"I look forward to the day when I am just a director and not a 'female director' — Patty Jenkins


6. Getting what you want isn’t pretty.

"The road to getting here requires a lot of hard work, great self reflection and a lot of unglamorous things." — Patty Jenkins


7. CSuite refers to a corporation’s top senior executives.

"The majority of the consumer power comes through women - yet the CSuite doesn't reflect that" — Tiffani Bova


8. C’mon its common sense!

"Companies that are more inclusive have better results." — Rebecca Jarvis


"You're either rowing the boat or drilling holes in the back." — Melanie Whelan


10. Redefining literature.

"I’m working to create a space where it feels easy to include and imagine black girls and make black girls like me the main characters of our lives." — Marley Davis

11. You have to get out of your comfort zone to get what you REALLY want.

"It's at your most uncomfortable moment that you create big change in your life" — Gretchen Carlson


12. We should have no worries.

“We need to feel like we will be believed” — Gretchen Carlson

13. Make them understand what WE never did.


"What can we do to evoke change? Empower the younger generation to stand up for themselves" — Gretchen Carlson

14. I’ll show YOU a troublemaker!


“We have to make it so women are not seen as troublemakers if they come forward” — Gretchen Carlson

15. It’s when we think we have no more ideas that the BEST one appears.


“"Frustration is fuel that can lead to the development of an innovative & useful idea." — Marley Dias

16. Dunk city, sister!


"take the shot, no matter what it looks like.” — Heidi Heikenfeld

17. The top has a direct influence to everyone it touches.


"Progress in developing a culture of diversity must start at the top." — Moira Forbes

18. Take your moment...and get back to work!


"Success is accomplished by hard work and commitment...don't get lost in the glory." — Patty Jenkins

19. Power is...


"owning your own self-confidence." — Gretchen Carlson

20. She nailed it on the head!

“Power is about connecting and engaging; building a community around a shared vision!” Maggie Chan Jones


21. YES Kerry!

"Things that make us uncomfortable in conversation are threatening our lives so we have to talk about it." — Kerry Washington


22. We ARE the majority after all.

"Women have huge power to make a change in this country" — Cecile Richards


23. Supporting and inspiring one another to go for the GOLD.

"We have a responsibility to give other women a leg up" — Kerry Washington

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