These 4 Zodiac Signs REALLY Like To Talk Dirty (And Are Good At It Too)

Get ready for some fun under the covers.

Zodiac Signs Like To Talk Dirty Pexels

Talking dirty isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do for a lot of reasons.

Some of us feel uncomfortable or awkward being vocal about sex, while others just aren’t into dirty talk at all.

Or maybe you’re in the third group of people who will try talking dirty if their partner is into it… except they can’t think of one thing to say that’s even remotely sexy.



Like I said, dirty talk isn’t for everyone except a few zodiac signs that are serious pros at it.

These astrological signs are the best friend you go to for advice on how to make your man melt just with your words, or if you’re feeling naughty and you want to spice up your foreplay with her a little bit.

Dirty talk can come in different forms, not all of which need to be vocal, which is perfect for those still trying to find their voice in the bedroom.

And even if you find out that you’re not as sexy as you sound, keep at it because even the best dirty talkers start somewhere!

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You might be more of a cybersex kind of girl, the one who is more into sexting and talking dirty over the Internet, or you might be the girl who can’t get enough of role playing and whispering all your naughtiest desires to your partner in bed.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of dirty talk. I think it adds a little something extra to sex.


Even if it’s one of those nights where you’re too lazy for wining and dining, or you just don’t want to rummage through the toy chest for something fun, dirty talk can be just what you need to get your night started.

And besides, if you’re with one of these four zodiac signs, they’ll make dirty talk an experience you’ll never forget.

1GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

gemini Zodiac Signs Like To Talk Dirty Foreplay

Dirty talk can turn a Gemini on almost as much as actual sex does. Not only does it give her the chance to try something new in the bedroom, but it also let her be vocal about sex, which, if you know Gemini, is one of her favorite things.

If this is your first time talking dirty with a Gemini, you might need to help get her started.

She will want to make it fun for the both of you, but she doesn’t want to get too dirty, too fast.

Once she knows what you’re comfortable with, expect her to want to talk dirty with you all the time.

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2LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

leo Zodiac Signs Like To Talk Dirty Foreplay

Leo has a specific type of dirty talk that she enjoys most. Because she likes being the person bringing you all of this pleasure in the bedroom, her dirty talk tends to centralize around how good she makes you feel. 

Leo tends to use a lot of “I” phrases when she talks dirty, but what she loves even more is when she is on the receiving end.

If your dirty talk sounds like worship and fawning over how sexy and amazing she is in bed, she’ll be all over you.

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3SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

scorpio Zodiac Signs Like To Talk Dirty Foreplay

Scorpio leads a very passionate sex life, which of course, includes dirty talk. She enjoys dirty talk a lot because, like toys or role playing, it adds a little something extra to sex.

Scorpio is afraid of getting bored of sex, so if dirty talk becomes a regular thing, she’ll want to kick it up a notch to make things interesting again.

This can mean anything from making dirty phone calls during work to pushing the boundaries in public. Always assume that dirty talk is going to lead to something much kinkier when you’re with a Scorpio.

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4AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius Zodiac Signs Like To Talk Dirty Foreplay

Aquarius is a pro at dirty talking. She especially likes it because she finds it incredibly sexy to know that she can turn you on by teasing your mind, not just your body.

When sex is more than just physical, Aquarius gets very into it.

Aquarius likes experimenting with different styles of dirty talk, so that she and her partner can figure out what works best for them.

This can include anything from sexting at inappropriate times to dirty talk during dinner at a restaurant, but whatever she tries, expect to try new things all the time with her.

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