Where Did All The Good Women Go?

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good women are out there

This is where.

If there’s one thing most men wonder, it’s what happened to all “the good girls,” and why they can’t seem to date one. Guys, have you ever wondered where all the good women went or what happened that made women so against dating

Allow me to explain what happened: modern dating happened — and so did modern male attitudes.

You see, nice girls are still out there. They're working 40-hour work weeks. They're sitting at home, watching Netflix. If they’re like me, they're out drinking at bars on a Friday night with friends. Good women come from all walks of life. They're out there, living lives, wishing that they probably had a decent guy in their arms.

But here's the rub: Most good women don’t get appreciated the way they should — until it’s too late.

Good women are out there, but way more often than not, they are not the girls men claim are “good.” They are the ones who are holding down their own fort, living their own life on their terms, and won’t put up with men’s double standards and bullsh*t. They’re the ones who are often called “bitch,” “slut,” or otherwise just treated poorly for choosing to live their own lives.

Good women are out there, but they’re often cast aside because they don’t fit the beauty standards guys want. They are, very often, not the ones who have the thinnest waistline or the most flawless makeup, but they are the ones who are always there for their friends in a time of need. Sadly, men don’t really go for inner beauty a lot of the time.

Good women are out there, but by the time that they’re 35, most of them are so wary of dating that they no longer really put in any effort to try to find a Mr. Right. They got tired of being told they “friend zone” guys they’re not interested in, they got burnt out from bad relationships, and after a while, all the ridiculous standards guys keep them to made them say enough is enough.

Good women are out there, and they are the most heavily ignored and taken for granted people I’ve ever met. I’ve seen girls lose it all for love, only to be told that “they chose the wrong guy” and somehow get all the blame to them rather than the abuser they left. I’ve witnessed guys treat them horribly, just because they are female or just because they don’t fit up to standard.

Good women are out there, but men are burning them out. A woman can’t be a model, a housewife, a career woman, a homemaker, and a babysitter all the time. Men no longer want to pull their equal share in a relationship and some are even proud of that attitude.

Even so, some good women do end up marrying guys and try to make it work. All things considered, though, does it really shock anyone that so many good women end up filing for divorce?

Good women are out there, but they are leaving the dating market in droves because it’s no longer worth it to date. I’ve seen them just get up and walk away from dating. I’ve also seen them turn into callous, burnt out, bitter people because women who didn’t treat men half as well as they did end up getting devoted men while they end up getting tossed aside.

Yes, make no mistake about it, nice girls are out there, guys. Sadly, you won’t realize how good they were until you’ve dumped them, ignored them for years, or had them walk away from you. Good, loyal women — the kind who’d welcome you home with a fresh meal and a smile — are not easy to find because they are getting burnt out looking for the kind of men they deserve.

If you want a good woman, you have to be a good man. You have to be her hero, to provide for her, and make her feel safe around you. You have to stop being superficial, and start thinking about compatibility in the long-term.

And lastly, if you want a good woman, you better realize you can’t hold her to any standard that you yourself wouldn’t be able to meet.

Good women are out there, and they’re doing their thing. And if you have to ask where they are, you’re probably part of the problem.