The 5 VERY Best Tumblr Sites For Looking At Hot Naked Guys

Need we remind you that this may be inappropriate to view if people are around?

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Tumblr is actually maybe the best resource to check out if you 're a woman looking for hot, hot, hot naked men and you don't feel like having to wade through one of the monstrous and difficult to navigate big free porn sites. Because who has the time to do that when you have a bean that needs flicking (and by flicking a bean I mean masturbation, naturally).

I love me some porn, but I don't love having to actually find something that's going to do it for me. Sure, big free porn sites have categories like "for her" or "ladies only" or "porn for women" but guess what? That content? It is still mostly made by men and curated by them, too. And let's be real those dudes aren't exactly hip to what makes a ladies nethers quiver, are they? 


Why should me, you, or anyone else waste their valuable time Googling the web when they could be Googling themselves thanks to all of the best Tumblr sites for looking at naked men?!

So I decided to sacrifice a few hours of my day looking for the very best naked men ogling sites that Tumblr has to offer! It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

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And thus, with no further ado (or at least, a minimal ado) I present to you 5 of the best naked men Tumblr sites:

1. Real Men Of Tumblr



Bears for ladies!

Sure, this site dedicated to bears (and a subset of the gay community defined by burly, hairy dudes) and you know what? Straight women love us some bears. If you want to see some real bodies and real-looking naked men, you have come to the right place.

There's also a lot of dude on dude porn gifs if that's your scene. 

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2. Handsome Men Naked... Or Not

When I was a kid, we used to get the L.L. Bean catalogue delivered to our house and I would stare at the chiseled kind-looking men within their pages and dream some day of furiously sexing them and then going out to walk out two golden retrievers in our matching monogrammed polar fleece jackets. 


If that sounds good to you, you'll love this Tumblr. It's full of catalog-hot naked dudes sharing the secret of what was really inside those sensible khakis all along. 

3. Orgasmic Tips For Girls 

If you like your naked men with a side of body positive sex education for women, you're in for a treat! This site mixes up A+ porn gifs with hot, hot, hot shots of naked men (with the odd woman tossed in there for good measure.


This is a good one to bookmark and check out both solo and with your dude. 

4. Naked Guys For Girls 

This site promotes clothed women and naked, full-frontal shots of dudes. They are all about social commentary and big ol' penises. 

So if you are all about dismantling the patriarchy and considering some hot as heck penis and abs and butts, this one is 100% for you! 

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5. Man Candy For Women


This here? It's straight up objectification and that is oooookay by me!

I couldn't even use a photo from the site as the image for this item because the entire Tumblr is literally just big old penises swinging. It's intense. But looking at hot men with vacant stares and massive dongs is your game, you're in luck!