13 Vulnerable Photos Of The Most Average Naked Men You'll Ever See

These are beautiful, but so NSFW.

Vulnerable Photos Of The Most Average Naked Men weheartit

With every piece of art she creates, writer and photographer Abigail Ekue makes you think and look at things in an honest yet still intriguing way.

"I'm here to force you to think, really look within yourself, accept your faults, push yourself, be uncomfortable," she said in an interview with PMC Magazine.

Ekue's male nude photo series (and soon to be a book), Bare Men, shows us men in all their nakedness, unclothed and unmasked not just physically, but emotionally as well.


The subjects of these photos aren't artificial representations of men, but men in their quiet moments. As Ekue explained in an article in Refinery 29, unlike female nudity, when we see full-frontal male nudity in TV and film it's still surprising and remarkable.

"We're not at the point where male nudity isn't a thing," she says.

1. In front of the city skyline

1 baremen

He looks both human and animal perched on the shelf that way.


2. Relaxing on the couch

Man laying on a couch. baremen

A raw and unguarded moment.


3. Bashful and shy

Naked man sitting facing camera. Abigail Ekue Photography

It's the emotion that comes from these photos that make them feel so intimate.


4. Standing against the bricks

Man against a brick wall. Abigail Ekue Photography

We can feel his vulnerability.

5. A loner looking for a home

Man in sunglasses sits on the ground. Abigail Ekue Photography

We see private moments in these shots.


6. Remembering a childhood home

Naked man looks out the window. Abigail Ekue Photography

"I want the audience of Bare Men to feel what the men are feeling," Ekue says.

7. Leaning on a mural of flowers

Man seated against flowered wallpaper. Abigail Ekue Photography

His stare is unflinchingly direct, yet he covers himself.


8. Representing all shapes and sizes

Man with fabric on his head sits in a chair. baremen

"I want the perception of male nudes to include all shapes and sizes and not merely ultra-smooth, androgynous bodies."

9. Laying on the couch for a rest

Man laying sideways on a couch. Abigail Ekue Photography

We're used to seeing female nudity, but still surprised and thrilled by male nudity.


10. Spending a day in the desert

Man sitting next to cactus. Abigail Ekue Photography

Nudity and sex aren't the same things.

11. Adjusting to the shingles on this slope

Man on top of a roof. Abigail Ekue Photography

Here we see a man without his guard up and without the clichés of what we think of as masculinity.


12. Taking a cigarette break

Man lying down and smoking. Abigail Ekue Photography

"I stay away from studio shoots for this series so there's less production and more connection."


13. Sitting still in the sunlight

Tattooed naked man. Abigail Ekue Photography

These pictures mean something different to everybody who looks at them.