12 Memes That Are All Of Us After Leg Day

leg day meme

Finding the time to workout has never been easy, much less finding the time to go five days a week.

But somehow we manage and we get to the gym, anxious to find out what this session holds — this is for those of us who don’t have the willpower to create our own gym regimen, mind you. And every day is like a box of chocolates except with all the nasty coconut flavors instead of caramel and white chocolate to choose from. You just don’t know what you’re getting when you go in to see your trainer.

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And, whether it’s core, butt, or leg day, they’re all dreaded. However, leg day takes the cake for the worst of the worst. Why? Well, I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s the only part of your body you can’t go without engaging.

Think about it! Even the most sedentary person has to engage their legs and to do so after leg day burns like hell.

Nevertheless, you persist and you power through leg day and the hundred million jump-squats that your trainer painfully spews at you. Because there’s no doubt in your mind that you want the legs to match your naturally lifted and plumped butt.

The entire 45-minute leg portion of your workout you keep imagining yourself in that string of a bikini, laid out on somebody’s beach since that’s literally the only thing that will get you through.

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Then, it happens. You leave your workout, and suddenly after forty-five minutes of working with your legs, they suddenly turn into noodles and give out. How? Why? I don’t know, but it always happens as soon as gym sesh ends. It’s like your legs were in a state of shock the entire time and that’s what kept them moving because as soon as you make it out, you become paralyzed.

You know what feeling I’m talking about, and that’s why you’ll get a kick out of these 12 leg day memes that are really and truly ALL OF US after leg day.

Cry It Out

leg day memes

Anyone who does the gym knows that it's an accomplishment in and of itself that you can walk to the car as opposed to having to crawl. Doesn't mean I don't want to though.

Near Death

leg day memes

Can't move, won't move. Just leave me for dead after leg day.

Paralysis Persists

leg day memes

Masochism at its finest. It feels so bad, it can't be wrong.

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Sunken Place

leg day memes

On days like this "I've fallen and I can't get up" is a way of life

Squats for Fun

leg day memes

But when people try to hang out and do sh*t that takes away from your work, you suddenly become a hermit. You aren't going through all of this pain to blow it all on drinks.

Powerhouse Down

leg day memes

It's like I said earlier: your legs continue moving in a state of shock but as soon as the workout ends THIS. IS. YOU.

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New Reading Material

leg day memes

Google please tell me my condition before I die. How long does this last? Am I going to turn into Serena Williams after all this pain? What is the meaning of this?

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Never Ending

leg day memes

Dear gym trainer, this doesn't mean MORE legs. Stop harassing me.

Back for More

leg day memes

When reality hits, that the only way the pain will end is if you go back and put yourself through more.

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Feeling Woody

leg day memes

If you find that I'm walking like my legs are all broken into pieces, it's because they probably are. Or, they feel like it.


leg day memes

As much as you're crying for help, there's nothing anyone can do. You just have to ride it out ... until the next leg day.

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Dog Down

leg day memes

I don't want to do anything, so please don't ask. Just don't.