14 Donald Trump Valentine's Day Cards To Make Your Love Great Again (BIGLY!)

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donald trump valentine's day

When you want to say I love you bigly-time!

So it’s finally Valentine’s Day. Either you’ve been dreading the impending love-fest or counting down the seconds until your sweetie hands you your gift.

But guess what? The best gift we got this year is President Donald Trump

Sure, his policies can be considered a bit alt-rightish. He DOES sign a ton of executive orders but he always shows them to us like the good boy he is! 

And yes, some of his cabinet picks are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, women hating men. 

However, let’s give credit where credit is due. He did choose a woman as his secretary of education. Granted she has no experience and more than likely wants to extinguish public schools while still being an investor in a really controversial clinic for disabled people, but give the guy a break, will ya?

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It’s extremely difficult balancing family life, golf, dinners, and leading the free nation. Oh, and of course helping his daughter Ivanka with her clothing line and accessories. 

I can’t help but wonder what the President and the First Lady Melania Trump will be doing on their first Valentine’s Day in The White House, or The Winter White House, or do they prefer Mar-a-Lago? I always forget. This is why a woman could never be president!

As we wait with baited breath to find out what the plans are from fiesty Sean Spicer, I’ve given you the gift that keeps on giving.

Donald Trump Valentine’s Day cards!

I know, how can something so awesome be real? But it is, folks. It is. 

I’ve happily compiled some of my uber (get it? uber!) favorite Valentine’s day cards from all over the internet featuring our favorite Commander in Chief

What’s that you say? He’s not your favorite? To the other side of the wall you go! 

But first, check out the cards. 

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You're alright because you're all white!
Photo: BoredPanda
I wouldn't deport you.
Photo: Pinterest
Illegal immigrants are stealing our jobs - but you're stealing my heart!
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I'd lift my travel ban for you, baby.
Photo: Imgur
This Valentine's Day I'll deport you ... to my bedroom ;)
Photo: Tumblr
I'd date you like I'd date Ivanka.
Photo: Anonymous
I'm going to build a wall around your heart so no one else can get in!
Photo: Feel The Liberty
You're worth more than a small loan of a million dollars.
Photo: Tumblr
You make me shake every time I see you.
Photo: BoredPanda
Let's make relationships great again.
Photo: College Humor
I probably wouldn't waterboard you.
Photo: Pinterest
I want to grab you by the p*ssy. Happy Valentine's Day.
Photo: Pinterest
I wish you weren't my daughter.
Photo: Pinterest
I'm so rich I could buy you.
Photo: Pinterest