The 2 Things Really Insecure People Post To Facebook

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People have different levels of comfort zones when it comes to Facebook. But it's not be paranoia when it comes to privacy; it says a lot about their personality types.

In a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, researchers collected data from 555 Facebook users and found the following Facebook practices say different things about people's personalities.

These posting habits say GOOD things about people's personalities: 

1. They post a lot.

This means they may be addicted to social media. It doesn't matter whether they are posting something important, or just pictures of the meal they cooked that day. What does it mean as far as someone's personalty? There's nothing wrong — they're just extroverted.

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2. They post or share posts on intellectual topics.

Instead of updating on their personal lives, they like to post about inspirational TEDTalks or new articles that interest them. Others might not be into it, but this trait is a sign that they're open-minded.

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The posting habits that say NEGATIVE things about someone's personality traits: 

1. They only posts their achievements.

So, they got a new promotion or just got engaged. What's their first thought? To tell the world about how happy they are, of course.

If your feed is mostly filled with their accomplishments, it's a sign they might have the traits of a narcissist who wants to make the world know how much better and more accomplished they are. Not good.

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2. They post a lot about their romantic life.

Some people get really dramatic about their romantic life and think it's for public consumption to copy television and movies. But according to the study, this is a huge red flag.

People who constantly post about their romantic life tend to be insecure. Researchers believe people who post about their partner constantly are compensating when they feel threatened about losing them.

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