Meet The Woman Who Tattooed Her Eyeballs BLACK (Plus, Other Crazy Eye Tattoos!)

eyeball tattoos


Ouch! Eyeball tattoos? No thank you. That just seems kind of dangerous, doesn’t it?

Well, apparently not, according to this viral photo of a woman with black eyeballs. The photo was posted by a sheriff from Lancaster County, South Carolina and shows a heavily tattooed woman with black eyeballs to match.

Arrested because of her connection to an armed robbery, 24-year-old Morgan Joyce Varn had her photo taken, which somehow made its way to Facebook (as strange photos often do). Many of the commenters were asking about Varn’s visibly black eyes, speculating that she had in contacts that covered the whites.

It turns out, though, that she wasn’t wearing contacts and instead had black tattoos on the whites of her eyeballs.

OMG. I have tattoos and the thought of that tiny little, razor sharp needle digging into one of the most sensitive areas on my body... I kind of want to faint.

Apparently, this girl and her tattoo artist aren’t just completely insane. This black eyeball tattoo is associated with gang members — the MS-13 gang specifically.

“Believe it or not, eyeball/corneal tattooing is now kind of a thing in certain gangs,” the poster wrote. “No SANE tattoo artist will do it as it's very dangerous and can easily result in a horrible infection or even the loss of sight or loss of the entire eye. The MS-13 gang is supposedly very big on this right now. If you search MS-13 in Google Images, you'll see plenty of pix."

Photo: ibtimes.com

The inventor of this trend, Luna Cobra, spoke to Yahoo Beauty about the entire process.

It is not like a normal tattoo; it is more like an implant of ink in the membrane that covers the white of the eye,” he says.

Photo: Skinart

He also divulges that this is a prison trend and that he has heard of many people going blind and getting seriously injured in the process. However, he says that none of his clients have ever been harmed.

Photo: Viralnova

While these eyeball tattoos are definitely dangerous, it didn’t make Inked magazine’s list for the most painful body parts to get tattooed.

So, what are the most painful body parts to get some ink? According to the magazine, they are:

  • Behind the knee
  • Hands and knuckles
  • Palms
  • Body ditches like the elbow
  • Groin
  • Nipples
  • Ribs
  • Head/skull
  • Underarms/arm pits
  • T-zone on the face

Are you thinking of getting some summer ink this year? Maybe try to avoid these spots.