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Woman Gets Blacked-Out Neck Tattoo & Says She's Having An 'Identity Crisis' After Not Liking How It Turned Out

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Tattoos are permanent, so if you plan on getting one, make sure that you love it and are 100% sure about the design and placement. Removing them afterward can be expensive and excruciatingly painful. 

Unfortunately, even after being committed to a certain tattoo, we may wind up hating the end product. One woman faced this dilemma after receiving a neck tattoo that reduced her to tears as she came to regret her decision. 

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The woman received a blacked-out neck tattoo that has caused her to have an ‘identity crisis.’ 

In a TikTok video that was viewed over 2 million times before it was deleted, the emotional woman reveals the tattoo in question and expresses her regrets. 

Her upper cheeks, lower chin, and half of her neck are entirely covered in black ink, and she claims that there is still work that needs to be done to complete it. 

Although the looks of it so far have sent her spiraling into an identity crisis. “I’m having a whole entire identity crisis… because it slightly alters the shape of my face,” the woman says, fighting off tears. 



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She adds that the new ink does not make her feel like herself. 

She did not go into this decision lightly. She shares that before getting it on her body permanently, she sketched it on herself to ensure that she was pleased with the look. However, she drew it out under her jawline, while her tattoo artist drew it slightly over her jawline. She claims this made all the difference in the world. 

“It’s on my actual face,” the woman says. “I feel like my face is smothering into my neck.” While she is having difficulties coming to terms with how the tattoo came out, she is acknowledging that this is her new look now. 

She begs viewers for suggestions on how to improve its look. Until then, she says that this is her new face, and she is working on presenting it with confidence. She added that the tattoo is fresh and still healing. 

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Some TikTok users sympathized with the woman’s frustrations. 

“I feel you a thousand percent, you are not overreacting,” one user commented. “You’re allowed to mourn that. I’m so sorry,” another user wrote. 

Others offered advice to alter the tattoo to her liking. “There are so many foundations & concealers you can use to draw the shape back,” one user shared. 

“Look up facial massage and jawning. It helped me like in the first week to architect a greater bone structure. Hope this helps you dearly,” another user suggested. 

Some believed that since the tattoo was new, it may be swollen and appear to go over the woman’s jawline. “Sweetie it’s swollen. I have a black neck. Give it a few days. If you still hate it you can go over options,” one user pointed out. 

“I think this could be swelling! The neck skin is so sensitive and tends to swell a LOT!” another user revealed. 

Some users were curious as to what the woman’s outline looked like compared to how the tattoo came out. 

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In a follow-up video, she shared side-by-side images of what the draft tattoo looked like versus the permanent result. 

Although she is unhappy with how it came out, she emphasizes that the artist is not at fault. 



“I wanted a full black-out. So the drawn on one simply traced my jaw and see how I liked the line. I knew the blackout would be more drastic and that’s what I wanted,” the woman shared. “I’m just learning the new curves of my face is all.” 

We’ve all had identity crises, especially when we’re intimidated by the permanency of something. Hopefully, this woman can transform this design into something she loves! 

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