5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Butt Lift

Cosmetic surgery is still surgery.

5 Things You Need To Consider Before You Get A Butt Lift unsplash

By Nichole Fratangelo

In recent years, the butt lift — also known as the Brazilian butt lift — has become a form of mainstream plastic surgery, in the hopes of scoring a backside similar to that of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. But before you go under the booty knife, it's important to take note of the facts, figures, and precautions ahead.



1. It's pricier than you may think.

Sure, a little lift may seem to be in your price range, but the average price of a butt lift will cost you $10,000+. However, it's important not to skimp on a doctor or service when going under the knife. Instead, if considering the lift, do your research and plan ahead to make a payment plan that makes sense for you.

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2. Prepare for the post-op pain.

Before preparing for this surgery, it's important to be aware of the post-op pain you may endure. Though every person and situation will be different, pain can be mild or severe, and last anywhere from 3-10 days.


3. You may be under anesthesia for a long time.

Considering the nature of the surgery, a high amount of anesthesia may be required, leaving some patients more wary of going under the knife.

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4. You won't bounce back to work.

Though recovery time isn't as bad as with other surgeries, this one is no walk in the park, either. Chances are, you may need extra help getting around the house and doing everyday tasks, even a week after surgery. Also, plan for no sitting for two to four weeks post-op. 

5. Your fat levels matter.


Many don't know how this process even happens. Fat is liposuctioned from the back, stomach, or thighs, and then reinjected back into the butt cheeks. Therefore, your doctor will evaluate your body and fat content prior to surgery.

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