New Photos Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt Show Cellulite — And People Are Fat Shaming Her

Photo: TMZ
New Photos Of Kim Kardashian’s Butt Show Cellulite — And People Are Fat Shaming Her

Not cool, internet!

It truly is hard keeping up with the Kardashians.

New Kim Kardashian butt pictures were released today taken by the paparazzi on a getaway to Mexico this weekend.

I get it. You may not like the Kardashians because ... well, they often don't give us regular non-celebrities reason to love their jet-setting, money-spending lifestyle.

But guess what? They are still human beings with feelings that deserve respect despite whatever makes you dislike them.

The Kardashians are just part of the popular culture that us, as viewers and consumers of reality television, have created and built.

If there's anyone to blame, it's us.

It still doesn't give anyone the right to fat-shame the most popular Kardashian: Kim for her butt or cellulite pics.

TMZ (Kim Kardashian in Mexico showing off her butt with cellulite)

TMZ (Kim Kardashian splashing in the water in Mexico)

When you are constantly in front of the camera, you are pressured into doing stuff to your body to retain or attain a certain aesthetic. 

Did she have butt implant injections? Probably.

Is that our business? No.

Does she have cellulite in un-retouched photos of her ass? Yes.

Should we care? NO!

She's a mother of two, lest we forget little North and Saint West

When you have babies, your body changes. 

And even if some of those changes were made on purpose to look a certain way, why are we mocking her?

Does it make others feel better about themselves to throw shade at a celebrity?

Photos courtesy of TMZ (Kim Kardashian in Mexico showing off her CELLULITE)

It is our responsibility to show future generations of girls what real beauty is.

What is that? 

Well, I'm happy you asked!

Real beauty isn't defined by the standards of those who make money off films or music albums with some distorted view of what a woman should look like.

Real beauty is different.

Real beauty should be defined by the individual and by each girl and woman who thinks to herself, "Would I look better if I did XYZ to my body?"

You can be beautiful naturally.

You can be beautiful if you choose to enlarge your breasts.

You can be beautiful if you choose to get butt injections.

You can be beautiful if you have cellulite.

You can be beautiful just by being YOU.

But instead, we have people on Twitter shaming Kim Kardashian's butt cellulite photos:

We have people who are determined to bring others down for the sake of what? To have your voice heard among a million other bullies?

The same people who made Kim Kardashian who she is are the same people shaming her body.

And that's just ridiculous.