How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Based On His Starbucks Order

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Based On His Starbucks Order

Guys. Men. Dudes. Bro. 

What are they?

They are enigmas of attraction wrapped in riddles wrapped in a penis.

How to tell if a guy likes you? 

Use his penis as a barometer and/or ask him. I mean, those are the two most practical methods.

Unfortunately, nonconsensual penis grabbing is frowned upon and asking a dude if he straight up likes you can be awkward enough that you'll start praying for your skeleton to leave your body. 

How to tell if a guy likes you WITHOUT losing all of your bones or getting thrown in jail for sexual assault? 

Look at the drinks he orders when the two of you go to Starbucks! 

I'm absolutely serious, looking at his Starbucks drink order can be all the information you need to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you and if you've attracted the soulmate of your dreams. 

1. If he orders the same thing as you ...

A guy who orders the same thing as you when you go to Starbucks definitely likes you.

The problem is, he might like you a little TOO much.

A person's Starbucks order is their personal calling card. It's their way of turning to a cold world and asserting their identity. "I'm Tiffany and I'm a three pump mocha latte with hot water" (I do not even know if that is a thing, but I feel like it could be so let's go with it). 

If a dude is taking YOUR order instead of his own, he's desperate to impress you. That's sweet, but not when it comes at the cost of him opening up and showing you how he really rolls. 

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2. If he orders off menu ... 

A guy who orders a Starbucks drink that isn't on the menu definitely likes you, but he'll be damned before he lets you know it.

He wants you to want him. He's a little insecure, but he would never let you know that. 

He's the king of the humble-brag, the hipster who heard of the band that's playing "before they were cool." 

He wants you to see that's he too awesome to order from the "lamestream" menu. He's edgy and unique, and so is his beverage. 

3. If he orders a novelty frappucino. 

A guy who orders a novelty frappucino (I'm looking at you, the mermaid or the dragon or the girl scout cookie fraps) is less interested in you and more interested in staying single.

He's pretty trend-obsessed, and he's less likely to worry about whether or not you'll text him back than he is to worry about why the latest shots he shared to Insta aren't getting more likes. 

He may think you're cute and cool, but he's too focused on his cute and cool self to actually do anything about it. 

4. If he orders black coffee ... 

You have bagged yourself a winner! A guy who orders black coffee at Starbucks definitely smells what you are cooking.

If a guy orders black coffee when the two of you go to Starbucks, it's because he is less interested in what he is drinking and more interested in you.

He's no muss and no fuss when it comes to beverages, and that's the same attitude he brings with him into relationships. 

I mean, I guess he could also be cheap, but I'm going with the positive spin on this one for sure. 

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5. If he orders tea ... 

A guy who orders tea at Starbucks isn't afraid to go against the grain. Sure, it could just be that he doesn't like coffee, but if that was the case he could have ordered hot chocolate and called it a day.

A guy who orders tea is trying to tell you he is smart, sensitive, and thoughtful, and he will absolutely watch every episode of The Crown with you, all you need to do is ask. 

A guy who orders tea definitely likes you, but he's looking for a serious commitment, so proceed with caution.

IDK, he could also just like tea, I guess. Let's be real. 

Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Batman. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr.