6 Creative Sex Games Perfect For Cooling Off In The Summer Heat

Get wet 'n' wild.

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As sure as things are heating up outside, they'll be heating up in the bedroom ... if you let them. Because yes, we crave sex the most during the summer months, but there's also something about being hot and miserable that might take the appeal out of getting even hotter ... and sticky with your boo.

After spending summers in New York where air conditioning is a luxury left to those who live in the most suburbanized areas of Manhattan, I know a little something about being so hot that all you want to do is lay there anchored down by water bottles. And to touch each other? Oh. Well, that's just f*cking absurd. 


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However, I wish I'd known then what I know now — or at least not have let the heat take me out of my creative element. But in case you're just too hot to be bothered with creating fun sex games to cool you off, we did the grunt work (no pun intended) for you with a little research. 

1. Food As Foreplay Sex Game


You can stick with ice cubes or you can put a summer fresh spin on this classic by rubbing each other down with popsicles and ice cream. Maybe even consider going down on your significant other while biting off chunks of your popsicle. 

However, if you should decide to stick with the ice cubes, then maybe consider getting a cute little ice tray template to change the shape and size of your ice cubes. I don't know about you, but the size of my normal ice cubes are far too big to hold in my hand, much less my mouth. 

And no sugar inside the vagina, folks. The sweet stuff can jack up a woman's pH level and lead to a yeast infection.

2. Cold Shower Sex


Finally. There's a good reason to have shower sex. Your hair will likely already be yucky from the sweat (yes, one of my biggest problems with shower sex) so what the hell? Why not go for it? This is a simple fix ... for the heat and shower sex, which is never as pretty and perfect as it is in movies except for this time it doesn't need to be. Duh!

Turn up that cool water all the way up and jump in!

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3. Roam Free Sex Game

In addition to just roaming around in the buck, you could try something like skinny dipping, depending on where you plan to be this summer. Maybe now is a good time to take a trip to the family lake house sans family. You know? For a private swim. 

And if privacy really isn't an issue, turn your skinny dip into a seductive strip tease — the sweat is bound to add a sexy, baby-oiled look, so don't worry too much about that. 


Some may recommend just going commando under your sundress, but that's a recipe for a sweaty disaster unless you plan on taking this straight to the shower.

4. Change Your "Menthol" 

Change your mental state by adding a little menthol to the mix! Pop a couple of mints in your mouth and use them to tease up your oral sex. Sensually blow on it! According to a Women's Health expert, this will give your partner a "chilly, pleasurable sensation."


Or, try out a cooling lubricant! 

5. Water-Gun Tag Sex Game


Fill up some water balloons or super soakers, take it back, and play a game of water tag. But up the ante to turn it into a sex game and add a sweet little incentive for you to get caught. Maybe it's every time you get tagged by water, you have to strip, but whatever it is, just remember: keep it sexy. 

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6. Let the Heat Hit

Embrace the heat! This isn't for the faint of heart, but if that's you then go for it. According to Maxim, at the very root of it, the sunshine makes us happier and thus hornier


With these sex games, you can beat the heat and get wet in more ways than one, so when the heat starts blazing, don't forget to take time off from your smoking hot sex life and than us.