Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 22 Ways To Say 'I Love You' To The Lady You Adore MOST

The best gifts for the best mom ever.

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Let’s celebrate our moms this year by really treating them right. They ripped open their vaginas for us, let their hair look a hot mess to ensure they had time to get us to school, and may have given up their careers to spend more time with us.

Moms are the best! They always know how to make us feel better and are usually our biggest fans. So, on this one day a year dedicated to mothers, you better make yours feel special.


Mother’s Day is May 14th, giving you just enough time to start making dinner reservations and getting her Mother's Day gifts. Having trouble deciding what to give her this year? Here is your Mother’s Day gift guide that will help you pick the perfect present.

1. Monogrammed Gold Tags


These gold tag necklaces are a great way for your mom to show off how much you love her. Get tags engraved with all her children’s names or get her one that sports her own pretty name.

(Tiny Tags, $755)

2. Yummie Leggings

Your mom deserves to look hot when she heads to her Pilates classes or the gym. Grab her a pair of these sassy leggings so she can feel confident while she works out, runs errands or just lounges at home.


(Yummie Life$60)

3. Away Luggage

Whether she travels or not, your mother deserves a good piece of luggage. From carry-on to extreme packing, Away has durable and long-lasting luggage that will ensure your mom’s trip will be easy and convenient. If she’s not a big traveler already, just having this luggage in her closet may inspire her.


(Away Travel, $295)

4. Pretty You London Slippers

Make your mom feel like a queen, even when she’s bumming around the house. Pretty You London offers an entire line of lounge clothing from robes and pajamas to slippers and shorts. Let her indulge in luxury while she takes care of the house or lounges on the couch.


(Pretty You London, $27.75)

5. Soap & Paper Perfume

All women like smelling good, which is why a new perfume may be just what she needs. Try the Pearl Eau de Parfum, as it smells like citrus and floral and is endlessly feminine.

(Soap & Paper Factory, $46)

6. Homesick Candle


These clever little candles are sold according to U.S state and are perfect for a mom who lives far away from the place she grew up. Get one that represents her home state to make her a little less homesick.

(Home Sick Candles, $30)

7. EO Grapefruit & Black Pepper Bubble Bath

Soaking in a good bubble bath with a book and a glass of champagne is every mom’s dream. Inspired by the warmth of black pepper and the soothing oils of lemon, this bubble bath is the perfect addition to any soak.


(EO Products, $12.99)

8. Lululemon All Day Tote

Like most moms, yours is probably on the go a lot. So, give her the gift of a reliable tote bag so she can always be prepared for wherever she needs to be.

(Lululemon, $128)

9. Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream


Aging is usually a worry for moms, but this cream can help her feel and look her best. Give her a Mother's Day gift that will help fight the damage done by time so she can feel young and vibrant every day.

(Kiehl's, $60)

10. Malin + Goetz Mojito Candle

Just the word "Mojito" sounds fancy, and this candle will make your mom feel that way every time she lights it. It’s earth friendly too, which might make her feel even better about keeping it around the house.


(Malin+Goetz, $18)

11. An Espresso Maker

She deserves to feel like superwoman without having to leave the house for her morning pick-me-up. A personal espresso machine will be her new best friend every morning. Plus, she can feel super-fancy when she entertains her friends for brunch.

(Amazon, $152)

12. Korean Snail Face Mask


It might freak her out at first, but thiscollagen-boostingg face mask from Korea is all the rage over there. She can give herself a spa treatment with an added touch of culture that will give her sparkling results. 

(Amazon, $6.99)

13. Turkish Coffee Set


Is your mom a coffee addict? If so, this Turkish coffee set is not only adorable but cultural and interesting. It's perfect for a mom who loves to travel but can't go on trips all of the time. 

(Etsy, $41.10)

14. Personalized Wine Rack

A personalized wine rack will allow her to display her collection in style. It's cute and will give her easy access to her favorite bottle when she's feeling in the mood. 


(Etsy, $29.80)

15. Coffee Scrub

It's all natural and will leave her skin feeling super silky. The best part about it? It smells just like fresh roasted coffee. 

(Etsy, $13.99)

16. Drip Coffee Brewing Pitcher


I hope she likes coffee, because there's a lot of it on this list. Not only are these handmade coffee jugs adorable, but she can brew herself a fresh pot from anywhere in the house.

(Etsy, $95)

17. Me and Momma Whale Sweatshirt

Because whales are awesome and this sweatshirt is adorable. It's simple, but it gets the point across. You are momma's little baby whale. 


(Etsy, $40)

18. A Custom Printed Family Portrait


Because she probably has enough photos around the house. Get her this printed version of your family instead. 

(Etsy, $40)

19. Best Mom Ever Spoon

Help her remember just how awesome she is with this engraved spoon. Whether she's stirring sugar into her coffee or eating her oatmeal, she will know that her kids are thinking about her.


(Etsy, $16)

20. Glow Queen Kit

Give your mom the gift of soft, glowing skin! This beauty kit will give her the kind of complexion that she's always wanted. You may want to borrow it too! This kit comes with a double dose of ROSA and a blush applicator to waken the senses and get a fresh looking face on Mother's Day and beyond. 


(Mint Skin, $48.95)

21. neuENVY Peptide Enhanced Mascara

Fancy it is! This mascara will not only glam your mom up but will also enhance and nourish her eyelashes with vitamins and peptides. It's kind of like a miracle mascara as it works to lengthen, condition, and add volume to those lovely little lashes. 


(Nordstrom, $32)

22. Girl Lip Stylo

This is one smart lipstick. Not only will your mom get some great color on her puckers, but this lipstick will also keep her pout hydrated. It's infused with shea butter, mimosa and sunflower seed, and jojoba. It will glide across the lips while making them softer and fuller. Give her the gift of feeling even more beautiful than she already is. 


(Hourglass, $32)

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