Play This Sexy Version Of 'Twister' For A Night You'll NEVER Forget

Try it with your partner ... or a few!

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“Twister. The game that ties you up in knots!” was billed as “sex in a box” by competitors when it was released in 1966.

And while I have no way of reporting how much sex has resulted from Twister over the last 50 years, I CAN tell you how to host a silly, sexy naked Twister party for swingers!

The Game

We organized the game as a stripping and drinking game. If everyone starts clothed some can “fall” and become a spectator if they feel uncomfortable removing their clothing.


One person should be the designated spinner.

The size of your mat will determine how many people can be on the mat at once. For our party, we had room for about 15 – 20 people on the mat. Everyone else is a spectator, but still actively involved in the game. (This works great if someone has a bad back or isn't up for stripping.)


The rules for regular twister are as follow:

1. Everyone on the mat should be shoeless. You move your hands and feet as directed by the spinner.

2. If you fall or your knees touch the mat you are out.

3. The last person on the mat is the winner.

And these are the additional rules we included to sex it up:


1. When the spinner lands on red, you must remove a piece of clothing. You may only lift one hand or foot at a time to remove clothing. Spectators can and are encouraged to help remove clothing, and provide encouragement in the form of kisses, etc.

2. When the spinner lands on blue everyone on the mat does a jello shot. The spectators serve the shots.

3. Sex on the mat is allowable.

4. Everyone wins!

The Basic Space

You’ll need an open space that is big enough for your mat and for people to be able to walk around it on all sides.



It’s best to also have a table with drinks or jello shots in the same room. And you can put all the shoes and discarded clothing in piles under the table so no one trips on the clothes.

You’ll need enough light to see the spinner, but people will be getting naked so you want the lighting to be softer than a basketball court. The same goes for background music — choose something fun and upbeat, but played at a level where everyone can hear the colors the spinner calls. Depending on the crowd, you could also play the Beach Boys or some other retro rock.

There will be LOTS of laughing and cheering.

Also, be sure you have trash cans and paper towels available for any jello spills.


The Mat

Regular Twister mats are about 5.5 feet by 4.5 feet rectangles made of heavy plastic that fit about 3 - 4 people per mat. For our party, we used 6 Twister mats taped together, for a complete mat space that was about 10 feet by 11 feet.

You’ll need white duct tape and a large space to lay out the mats. I think we used three rolls of tape. When taping the mats together you’ll want to overlap the sides so the space between the dots isn't too wide. Use 1 length of tape on the front and then fold it over to the back, then turn the mats over and reinforce it with another length of the tape.

You want the seams to be completely sealed. We first taped 2 sets of three mats together lengthwise, and then taped those two sections together.


Twister is often on sale in stores and online, and you can sometimes find the mats separately, or make them yourself with butcher paper.


Jello shots in the Twister colors make a fun addition to the party space.

You could also serve cupcakes with bright icing, iced sugar cookies, orange slices, or pepperoni, cheese and round crackers. Anything bright and round works perfectly with this theme.


You really don’t need much in the way of decorations since you have an amazing, huge Twister mat ... and people stripping on it!



For our party, we used large rolls of paper to make wall signs, then handed out washable markers and let people write or draw on the signs.

Our signs were titled, “What do you call it?” — with one for silly names for having sex, one with silly names for penises and one with silly names for vaginas. Write or draw in a few yourself at the beginning to get your guests started.

The washable markers turned out to be a hit, and the spectators even had a great time drawing on the players! Some of the ass tattoos were very funny.


Streamers in bright colors and colored-condom balloons would also be great decorations to try. Be sure that if you're making balloons with condoms you buy the un-lubricated variety.

You could also create party favors by using glue dots to attach wrapped colored condoms to a lollipop sticks!

We had a great time at our Twister party.



We played a couple rounds of the game ... and then played some more!

I hope you're inspired to create your own swinger party with a twist. 

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