These 12 Passionate Rupi Kaur Quotes Will Take Your Breath Away

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So sexy.

Passionate love is like nothing you have ever experienced before. It can make you feel things you’ve only read about and can haunt you even after it’s gone.

There are many different kinds of passionate love.

You might the kind that's carnal, raw, and sexual — or you might find passionate love in a relationship that touches your soul and mind.

However you experience it, you always know when you have found that irreplaceable, passionate love.

Describing it can be almost impossible, though. It can make you speechless, tongue-tied, and make you feel like no one besides the love of your life understands.

And in a way, that is probably true. It is often only felt with one person — and you may not realize it now, but that one person might be the only one you ever feel it with.

Poets like Rupi Kaur write about passionate love and all the things it can do to you. How it can make you forget everything else in the world besides this one person and how when it’s over, it can leave a hurt that lasts forever.

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But just like anything in life, passionate love can be positive and negative, tangible and otherworldly.

And instead of not letting yourself be a part of it body, mind, and soul, she writes that you should let passionate love consume all of you, even if it breaks your heart in the end.

Why? Because it will always be something that you and that one other person had, no matter how long or short it was. And having a passionate love is special and rare.

To prove that Rupi Kaur knows exactly what she is talking about, here are some of her best poems about passionate, sexy love. When you are finished here, check out her Instagram page for more.

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On protecting your love.
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“The necessity to protect you overcame me, my beloved. I love you too much to remain quiet while you weep. I rise to kiss the poison out of you, wipe your bruises with my palm. I resist the temptation of my tired feet and keep marching. With tomorrow in one hand and a fist in the other, I will carry you to freedom.” — Rupi Kaur

On waiting for love.
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“Love will come and when love comes love will hold you, love will call your name, and you will melt. Sometimes, though, love will hurt you, but love will never mean to. Love will play no games ‘cause love knows life has been hard enough already.”  Rupi Kaur

On the power of the orgasm.
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“It was as though someone had slid ice cubes down the back of my shirt.”  Rupi Kaur

On sex as art.
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“The very thought of you has my legs spread apart like an easel with a canvas begging for art.”  Rupi Kaur

On the good and bad of love.
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“Your name is the strongest positive and negative connotation in any language. It either lights me up or leaves me aching for days.”  Rupi Kaur

On the power of being in love.
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“You might not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant.”  Rupi Kaur

On loving yourself.
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“He moved her hand between her legs and whispered, ‘Make those pretty little fingers dance for me.’”  Rupi Kaur

On how love can be vocal.
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“You wrap your fingers around my hair and pull. This is how you make music out of me.”  Rupi Kaur

On the magic of love.
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“He makes sure to look right at me as he places his electrical wire fingers on my skin. ‘How does that feel?’ he asks, commanding my attention. Responding is out of the question. My lips quivering in anticipation, he smiles, knows this is what hunger looks like. I am a switchboard, he is the circuits, my hips move with his – rhythmic. My voice isn’t my own when I moan. It is music. He sparks enough electricity inside me to power cities. When he finishes what he’s started, it is me who looks at hum and says, ‘That was magic.’”  Rupi Kaur

On the firsts in love.
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“You are a sucker for firsts. They always make you feel a little lighter, like the first time your lover’s lips kiss that tender spot on your neck. Nothing puts your stomach into more knots than first moments that remind you this life is electric. Each second is worth melting for.”  Rupi Kaur

On what makes love special.
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“I know I should crumble for better reasons, but have you seen that boy? He brings the sun to its knees every night.”  Rupi Kaur

On how love can touch your soul.
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“You’ve touched me without even touching me.”  Rupi Kaur