Manhunt for 'Facebook Killer' Is OVER — Here's What You Need To Know

Photo: DailyMail
Manhunt for 'Facebook Killer' Is OVER –– Here's What You Need To Know

What a tragedy!

After an Easter dinner spent with family, Robert Godwin, Sr., 74, went for a walk to collect cans. It was a hobby he enjoyed. His daughter Debbie Godwin told the Associated Press, “Not because he needed the money, it was just something he did. ... We called him the junk man. He’d pick up things off the street and fix them. He picked up bikes and he fixed them.

Tragically, while walking home, he was gunned down by Steve Stephens, 37, also known as Stevie Steve or, more recently, "Facebook Killer."

Stephen recorded the murder and then uploaded it to Facebook. (We will not be sharing that video out of respect to the family.)

Steve Stephens' Facebook page has since been taken down. But before that happened, the video spread like wildfire. You couldn't go to Twitter or Facebook without this senseless murder automatically playing.

A member of the Godwin family posted this to Twitter a few hours after the murder.

Facebook removed the video but Stephens still had access to his account and posted messages and additional videos.

NSFW language (this is not the video of the murder):

What started as a statewide manhunt in Ohio went nationwide after a ping from Stephen's cell phone was picked up in Erie, PA.

It was there those police officers located the gunman when a McDonald's employee recognized him and called in a tip.

As police closed in on him, Stephens shot himself in the head.

Here's what we know about this tragic case:

1. Robert Godwin, Sr. was a father of 10 and grandfather of 14.

The Daily Mail 

According to the Daily Mail, Angela Smith, shown above, had been in a relationship with Godwin for 18 years and shared two young sons with him, Terell, 10, and Marston, 8.

After Easter dinner, Godwin went for a walk as he so often did, with a plastic bag in case he saw cans.

Smith spoke about the last time she saw Robert Godwin, Sr.:
"He said 'I love you girl' as he left. He always said that. He was looking forward to the lunch I was cooking. He said 'Call me when the food done' and I was laughing as I said 'Ok I'll call you. I got you.' He loved my chicken and dressing and couldn't wait to eat it."
Smith added:
"I keep asking myself 'why would you take him? Why would you take him from his children?' ... from his son, four days before his birthday ... They [his children] are hurting right now, but they can't understand why this man has done this to them. They just want to know why he took somebody who was so precious to them. I told them he is up there with God. God needed him. I couldn't really explain."
2. The manhunt put residents of Ohio and beyond on edge. 
Stephens had been driving a 2013 white Ford Fusion, and tips poured in with possible sightings. It wasn't until the phone ping on the cell tower in Erie, Pennsylvania, that the hunt for the Facebook Killer widened to include multiple states.
Some schools in the Erie, area were put on lockdown, but those were quickly lifted after detectives found no reason to believe he had been in the area near the schools.
Authorities had announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Stephens.
3. The Facebook Killer blamed his killing on ex-girlfriend Joy Lane.


A woman named Joy Lane was Stephens ex-girlfriend, and though they parted ways mutually, it seemed he didn't take it as well as he let on.
He blamed gambling, an addiction that cost him a lot of money, and his ex.
When Stephens encountered Godwin on the street, he asked him to say "Joy Lane."
Twitter immediately began the hashtag "Joy Lane Massacre," which was completely inaccurate and unfair as she states in the above video — she had nothing to do with it and tried calling him, but he never answered.
The Facebook Killer reportedly had trouble interacting with women, in general. Alexis Lee, a friend of Stephens since they were teens, told the Daily Mail:

"He didn't really know how to talk to us ladies. ... But he wasn't my type at all. There was nothing attractive about him. He did have a nice personality though ... but he always seemed a bit lost and I'm not surprised that he's upset about his girlfriend and blaming her for what he's done."
4. McDonald's employees were key to catching Stephens.
Stephens pulled into a McDonald's drive-through in Erie and ordered a 20-piece McNuggets and a large order of French fries.
A quick-thinking employee recognized the suspect and tried to stall him, saying it would be an extra minute for his French fries. Stephens reportedly said, “No, I can’t wait! I need my nuggets now!"

After he got his order and left, he was met by cops who then pursued him in a brief chase before Stephens killed himself with a gunshot to the head.