These 4 Sex Positions Will Help Him Last WAY Longer In Bed

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sex positions to make him last longer

Pull up a chair, fellas, because you’re going to want in on these naughty little sex positions. Ladies, you may want to pay attention too because we can’t guarantee that your guy will read this, and you will surely benefit from these tips.

Women are known to take longer to orgasm, so knowing how to help your guy last longer will be good for you in end. So, without further adieu, here are the best sex positions to make him last longer in bed.

1. The Cross

This sex position is easy and relatively relaxed which is the key to its success. In order to achieve The Cross, the man must lay on his side, facing his lady. Then, the woman lays on her back with her legs draped over his hips. Because it’s difficult for the guy to move, the position doesn’t allow him to get too carried away with his thrusts, helping to slow down the process.

2. Lady On Top

This position is pretty common and it’s likely that you’ve explored it before. All the woman has to do is get on top of her guy and straddle him while he’s inside her. The position is also referred to as Cowgirl because it allows the woman to have a lot of control. The position will help your guy last longer because you are in control of the speed. If you think things are moving too quickly, just slow down, lean forward or stop altogether.

3. Spooning

Good news: this sex position is pretty intimate and involves both partners laying down facing the same way, with the man’s pelvic bone laying just a bit farther down than the woman’s. While he is in charge, the position causes the penetration to be shallow and the thrusts to be slow.

4. Side By Side

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This position is kind of like reverse spooning. The woman and man are lying on their sides, but in this position, both partners are facing each other. The penetration here doesn’t get too deep and both partners can communicate what’s happening as they can directly look at each other.