Awesome New App Helps You Break Up Like A Freaking BOSS

Photo: weheartit
woman eating pizza and drinking wine

Get ahead of heartbreak.

Breakups are a universally upsetting situation in most circumstances.

Sure, the older we get the better we learn to cope with heartbreak but it doesn't mean we forego the 48-hour food binging and teary-eyed period. It only means that we usually know how to keep the super-emotional, can't leave bed phase to a minimum, but then we cope through other (equally) unhealthy methods. 

In fact, there's hella unhealthy coping devices (booze included) before you reach the healthier "hit the gym and make 'em rue the day" phase. But, possibly not with this — an app helping to heal one broken heart at a time.

With this relatively new app — Break-Up Boss — there's a chance we can bypass some of the bullsh*t and move the f*ck on.

The super-femme looking phone app was fashioned by author and entrepreneur Zoë Foster Blake (also known for her Cosmo advice column).

It has features like an "Advice SOS" that shoots you nuggets of wisdom from Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Wilde, and then some. 

But, one of the best features is surely the "Text to Ex" feature that has a similar design to an iPhone text message and allows you to text your ex ... but not f'reals, of course.

It allows you to write all of your feelings out and send them off to the unknown for no one to see, which is truly all you need sometimes as nothing typically good comes out of texting your ex for real-for real. 

Seriously, even if you work things out you've usually only prolonged the inevitable. (But, perhaps you're not dealing with a total fuckboy and I'm wrong.)

While the app does cost $5, it certainly beats the steep price of a therapy sessions as the Guardian pointed out.

And, while you could definitely get free advice from your friends, even that can become a pain in their ass after awhile; not to mention, taking advice from one too many outside sources never does much good. 

However, I personally, wouldn't purchase the app with the expectation of having a new BFF or anything because the truth is nothing can match the comfort that another human being can provide you when you're really going through.

But, I do believe this could be a close second.