15 Donald Trump Memes And Funny Quotes Guaranteed To Get You Giggling


Orange is the new black.

It’s undeniable that Donald Trump is the butt of many jokes.

Although he won the 2017 Presidential Election, it is widely apparent that he is not popularly liked by many people (for obvious reasons).

Just open up most magazines or newspapers, and you’ll see various articles criticizing his proposed policies and questioning his capacity to serve as president of the United States.

For someone who holds one of the most respected public seats in America, Donald Trump still ends up being the one that the public likes to laugh at the most. 

Everything he says eventually turns him into an Internet sensation, and he becomes the center of political jokes and viral memes.

Admit it — sometimes, it’s hard not to laugh. He makes outrageous statements and seems to do everything in extremes.

But, behind the laughter is the very serious question of where Trump will bring America over the next four years. Many of his policies and beliefs go against the principles of many Americans, and he has proposed many policies and made many statements that exude of racism and sexism.

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While many people may not be happy with a Trump presidency, for now, the public can deal with this disappointment by using humor. So, here are 14 Trump memes and funny quotes that are guaranteed to get you giggling. 

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On his skin tone

Yes, his skin has an orange-y tone. 

On his messy hair

Comparable to corn.

On his taxes

Quite ironic...

On ignorance

It truly must be bliss. 

On marriage

Very hypocritical. 

On Saturday Night Live

He has been very preoccupied with criticizing this show. 

On Economy

Maybe he's not the best at handling finances. 

On what you can do for your country

This definitely sounds accurate. 

On building a wall

The look of a disappointed privileged man. 

On intelligence

Definitely not related. 

On "The Apprentice"

He is now our president, but he'll always be remembered for this line. 

On his meeting with Obama

This is SO on point. 

On what's wrong

This Donnie Darko scene is very fitting. 

Just for giggles

Can you tell which is which?

On the presidential debates

This meme NAILS it.