10 Things To Do When You're THISCLOSE To Texting Your Loser Ex

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10 Things To Do Instead Of Texting Your Fuckboy Ex-Boyfriend After You Break Up With Him

Because NO.

Sometimes you just can’t deal with the dude you like anymore and you have to break up with him. Maybe your feelings for him aren’t being returned. Maybe he’s sending mixed signals even though you've asked him to clarify. Or maybe you just need to move on for any other number of reasons that are no one's business but your own.

No matter what caused things to end, it can still be hard to avoid texting the person you have feelings for, even when you know you doing that could spell disaster — BIG time.

Here are ten suggestions of things you can do to stop yourself when you're a send button away from messaging Mr. Wrong.

1. Text your friends.

Hit up the group chat for moral support instead of calling your loser ex.

2. Take a bubble bath.

You shouldn’t bring electronics into the tub anyway.

3. Pour yourself another drink.

You can’t drunk text him if both of your hands are full.

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4. Find a new guy to text on Tinder.

The best thing about a meaningless conversation is that it can’t bring you down.

5. Text the guy you know is always down for a good time.

When the going gets tough, get with who you can.

6. Masturbate.

No guy can get you off like your favorite vibe can.

7. Craft.

If your hands and brain are busy, you’ll be way too preoccupied to calculate the amount of time you need to wait between texts.

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8. Do some online shopping.

Retail therapy always works.

9. Take online quizzes.

Who cares about why he’s ignoring you when you can find out which baby animal gif is so exactly YOU right now?

10. Binge watch a new show.

You can’t look at your phone when you’re too busy paying attention to the intricate details (or rampant nudity) on Game of Thrones.

I know it’s hard, but you definitely don’t want to text him.

Good luck, keep calm, and put down that iPhone!

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