These 15 Poems By Rupi Kaur Prove Just How Hard Heartbreak Can Be


No one said heartbreak was easy.

Heartbreak comes in many forms. Whether you’re the type of person to mourn a break up with a pint of ice cream and sappy romance movies, or you prefer to go out with your girl friends and drink until you can’t remember his name, there’s always a cure for heartbreak.

But even when you think you’ve done all you can to forget how much they hurt you or how it felt when they left, ultimately, you’re still thinking about it.

Of course, I know how hard it can be to just pretend like you’re fine and hope that you’ll get over it eventually, but in reality, it’s better to actively heal your heart instead of let it continue to hurt.

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So how do you do this? Well for one, get rid of the stale pizza that’s been sitting on the floor by your bed for almost a week. 


Second, understand that bouncing back from a break up doesn’t always necessarily mean having sex with someone else.

Instead, it can mean having the confidence to meet new people again, spending time alone and learning to be your own best friend, or picking up a new hobby.

But why is this even important? Because chances are, you probably lost a little part of yourself (the part everyone loves, by the way) when you were mending your broken heart.


And now that you’re able to pick yourself up and try again, you need to re-teach yourself how to be happy and remind yourself that you can be loved again.

And if anyone knows that heartbreak can knock you off your feet for a while, it’s Instagram poet and author Rupi Kaur. While she writes a lot about love, she also writes about loss and how it can change you as a person.

Sometimes, you have to let it go and hope for the best, and sometimes, you need to stand your ground and know that you were always worth it.

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Rupi Kaur’s words will leave you with chills (and wanting more), but more than that, her poems are like little notes reminding you to stay strong. So, read below for some of her best poems on heartbreak, and use them as a stepping stone to becoming the lovable, strong person you are again.

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“You must find no worth in yourself. If you think I am worth less after you’ve touched me, as if worth is something we transfer, as if your hands on my body could magnify you and then reduce me to nothing.” — Rupi Kaur

“How many times did you search for me in your fantasies and end up crying instead of coming?”  Rupi Kaur

“’Stay,’ I whispered as you shut the door behind you.”  Rupi Kaur

“There is nothing more painful than grieving someone who’s still living.”  Rupi Kaur

“Tell them I was the warmest place you knew and that you turned me cold.”  Rupi Kaur

“The way they leave tells you everything.”  Rupi Kaur

“I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you. I left ‘cause the longer I stayed, the less I loved myself.”  Rupi Kaur

“Neither of us is happy. Neither of us wants to leave. So, we keep breaking one another and calling it love.”  Rupi Kaur

“Let it go, let it leave, let it happen. Nothing in this world was promised or belonged to you anyway.”  Rupi Kaur

“Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you.”  Rupi Kaur

“’He isn’t coming back,’ whispered my head. ‘He has to,’ sobbed my heart.”  Rupi Kaur

“Do you need me or do you need someone? There is a difference.”  Rupi Kaur

“I see you and begin grieving all over again.”  Rupi Kaur

“You are the Ikea furniture he never got around to making. The backup bookshelf that is too new to throw away, but not nearly as tempting to open.”  Rupi Kaur

“Like a flower eventually grows out of losing itself to the winter, I’ve grown out of you.”  Rupi Kaur