12 Sexy Good Morning Texts To Wake Him Up Right

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woman sending sexy good morning texts

There's nothing that warms your heart more than getting a text from someone you're into — well, except a super sexy good morning text.

No, I'm not talking about guys who are too lazy to spell it out, so they just hit you with "GM." I mean the kind of morning greetings that instantly gives you butterflies and turns you into mush.

As much as we women enjoy morning texts, you can rest assured that men like them, too … especially sexy good morning texts laced with a hint of seduction.

Even if you decide against sending the raciest kind of sexts, you should know that making the first move, no matter how small, is sexy as hell on it's own.

If you need some suggestions for changing it up, I'm happy to be of service by offering the examples below.

I guarantee he'll have a hard time ignoring or forgetting to respond to texts like these.

Here are 12 sexy good morning texts examples to get your day off to a sext-y start.

1. "Here's a little something to get you through your day ..." (*Insert nude selfie*)

If you're comfortable, take your sexting to the next level by surprising him with a sexy picture of yourself.

He won't be able to stop blushing — promise!

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2. "If you're good today, then maybe I'll give you a sexy surprise before the day ends."

No, relationships should not be based on a reward system. But this is a cute, playful, and sexy way to motivate a guy who considers it cute and fun.

Think of it as role play (insert shrug emoji here).

3. "I wish I didn't have to wait all day to get you naked."

Tell 'em how you really feel. Tell him what your desires are.

Talk about a turn-on!

4. "Thinking of your kisses all over me is what gets me through the day."

Who doesn't like kisses?

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5. "It's not dinner I'm excited to taste."

Straight to the point.

6. "Hope your day is every bit as amazing as I promise you tonight will be."

Say it with me: "Teeeaaase."

Don't worry, teasing doesn't make you a tease — so send texts like this to create a little mystery.

7. "I woke up missing you this morning ..."

I personally love knowing that I was on someone's mind first thing in the morning.

8. "Wish I could have just stayed in bed with you all morning."

Remind them how much you enjoy spending time with them with this thoughtful-but-simple flirty text.

9. *String of kissy face emojis*

Flirty emojis have come to be quite endearing. Yes, it's weird. I know. But it's true!

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10. "You were amazing last night."

Who doesn't like their ego stroked first thing in the morning?

(Obviously, don't say this if it isn't true. But hopefully it is at least sometimes.)

11. "If only I were there to give you a proper wake up call."

This lets him know you're willing to take the lead.

12. "Good morning, but it'd be even better if you were next to me."

Flirtatious, but not too sexty.

This is perfect if you're a little shy.

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Kiarra Sylvester is a freelance writer currently pursuing graduate degrees in human sexuality and social work at Widener University.