50 Sweet Good Morning Messages For Him To Wake Up To

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50 Sweet Good Morning Messages For Him To Wake Up To

When you send or leave your significant other good morning messages for him to wake up to, you will start his day off with a smile on his face. 

Sometimes sending him little notes make him feel your love and appreciation for everything he does. 

It's a sweet little tradition that you can easily do and it does not take a lot of time. It's the little things that mean more to someone than big grand gestures. 

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I know lots of people like it when their partner takes the time to make them feel loved every day.

And it's just a great way to start off the morning by because finding a sweet little note or text will automatically put him in a good mood.

Especially if you are trying to woo him, then it's a great way to get him to fall in love with you more and more each day.

And sometimes, he most likely really needed to hear whatever your note said, especially if it applies to whatever insecurities, fears, or anxieties that he is having at that time. 

With your observation skills, you will know when something is bothering your partner and you will also know exactly what to do to make him feel better and silence his negative thoughts. 

Never be nervous or afraid to say what you are feeling because if he cares about you, then he will be happy to hear your emotions, no matter how deep. 

It's just another piece to the puzzle of your love that will help your love grow stronger and stronger. 

Always remember that love conquers all and making sure your significant other feels your love on a daily basis will keep your love for each other at the forefront of both of your minds day in and day out. 

So, here is a great list of good morning messages you can send him to show your significant other how much you love them on a daily basis. Some are heartwarming, sappy, corny, and funny, but most of all, they are truthful in the way they express your feelings for your partner. 

Spread your love with the sweetest words ever because he needs to hear them as much as you need to say them. 

Good morning messages for him

1. "The sun is shining and my heart is beating for you. The morning is bright, and I am looking forward to seeing your smile. Good morning!"

2. "This morning I woke up wanting some kisses from you, so I thought I’d send my love to make you smile when you wake. Good morning!"

3. "There is no one like you in this world. You are my shining star, and I just wanted to wish you a good morning. Good morning!"

4. "A handsome guy like you is a dream for most girls, but you are my reality and the person I love. Good morning, babe."

5. "Last night my dreams were filled with thoughts of you. You truly are the man of my dreams. Good morning my love."

6. "Good morning to the sweetest guy a girl could ask for. You are the light of my life, and you fill my heart with happiness."

7. "Good morning! I thought that a message from me would perk you up this morning. You may still need some coffee though."

8. "My love, my life, my laughter are all for you. You hold the key to my heart now and forever. Good morning my dear."

9. "Here are some hugs and kisses to start out your day. Hopefully, they will last until we meet this evening. Have a good day darling."

10. "You touch my life every day, so I wanted to send you sweet thoughts this morning so that you can think of me."

11. "Good morning honey. I missed my teddy bear last night, but I am looking forward to being in your arms today."

12. "Good morning my sweet prince. The air is warm and the sun is shining, Take my love with you today to make it wonderful."

13. "Good morning handsome! I hope your day is amazing. I can’t wait to see you tonight smiling as you hold me in your arms."

14. "I love pancakes and waffles! Loving you means that I never have to choose, we can just share our breakfast. Good morning my love."

15. "One of the nicest things in the world is waking up to the one you love and seeing them smile as they wake."

16. "As I sit here watching the sunrise, I can’t stop thinking about you and wishing you were with me to enjoy this beautiful sight."

17. "Starting the day with you by my side energizes me to do my best. I don’t know what I’d do without you."

18. "For most, coffee is a way to wake up, but to me, it’s a reminder that I can spend another day with my love."

19. "I hope your day is as great as the day that you walked into my life. I love you baby, and I always will."

20. "I must be the luckiest girl in the world to be able to wake up with you on my mind. Good morning my heart."

21. "You deserve to be loved every morning and every night, so I am sending you my love in a message to make you smile today. Good morning!"

22. "Good morning! You are the pillar that stabilizes my life. I love you dearly, and I hope you have a great day ahead of you."

23. "Rise and shine sweetheart. I am sending loving thoughts your way to take away the nightmares that you may have had last night."

24. "May your day be filled with happy thoughts. It’s a beautiful morning my love, enjoy it to the fullest knowing that I love you."

25. "You add light to my life, take away my nightmares, and make me smile. Good morning handsome; I love you deeply."

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26. "Nothing is better than a good morning kiss, so I sent my love to you on the morning breeze to gently kiss your cheek."

27. "Good morning Sunshine. I can’t wait to take on the day knowing that your love is supporting me in whatever I try to achieve."

28. "Good morning! Waking up beside you means that I get to see you before anyone else. Even when we are apart, you are always in my thoughts."

29. "Mornings are hard for me, but knowing that I’ll wake up next to you each and every day makes it easier to wake up early."

30. "Rise and shine my dear. The sun is shining bright, but here are a few kisses to sweeten your day. Have an amazing day!"

31. "I love waking up next to you, and now that you are my husband, I get to do it forever. I love you, darling."

32. "I have never enjoyed drinking coffee as much as I do with you. I love and dearly miss our morning coffee when we are apart."

33. "Since I can’t be with you all day, take a loving message with you to work today. Have a great day my dear."

34. "I love feeling the sun touch my skin in the morning, so I thought I’d send some warmth and good morning kisses your way."

35. "I used to cuddle my pillow at night, but now I wake up next to you with a smile every morning. Good morning sunshine!"

36. "I can’t wait until we can wake up together every morning. Until then, these good morning messages will help close the distance between our hearts."

37. “You are my sun on a gloomy day, like a lighthouse in a stormy sea. Thanks for all your care for me, good morning my love, time to get up.”

38. “I don’t need paradise because I found you…I don’t need dreams because I already have you. Good Morning!!”

39. “When I wake up and see you lying next to me, I can’t help but smile. It will be a good day simply because I started it with you.”

40. “Many girls dream to be with a guy as sweet and handsome as you. But I am the luckiest of them all. Why? Because I live my dream every day, I love you, dear, good morning!”

41. “I just want to come over, hug you tight and kiss you good morning.”

42. “Every morning I wake up, I realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a great day.”

43. “Everything is strange without you here. When the sun rises without you, the light does not shine as brightly. I am incomplete without you by my side.”

44. “Why does the morning have to start so soon? I need more time to dream about the guy who gives me weak knees every single day.”

45. “You have replaced my nightmares with dreams, my worries with happiness, and my fears with love. Good morning.”

46. “Good morning to the sweetest guy a girl could ask for. You are the light of my life, and you fill my heart with happiness.”

47. “Everything I am is because of you. You are my strength, you are my inspiration. Seeing your face in the morning is what keeps me going.”

48. “Being with you makes me feel that I can overcome any obstacle coming in my life. Good Morning my love!!”

49. “My love, do you know that my entire night was spent dreaming about you? Now I want to spend my whole day with you. Good morning dear!”

50. “Just thinking of you brightens my morning.”

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