This Man's 19-Inch Penis Is Ruining His Life — But He Doesn't Care

Doctors are desperate for him to do something.

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When it comes to a man's penis, every gal has her own personal policy.

For most, the size of the penis just straight up doesn't matter. If the sex is good, who cares how big the penis is, right? That's like complaining about the size of an ultra rich and delicious piece of chocolate mousse cake: blasphemous. 

But other women prefer a man with a big penis, and to them, may I present Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. 


Cabrera lives in Mexico City with his almost 19-inch penis, (18.9 inches to be precise). 

He's exceptionally proud of his penis, even though it has made basic tasks like BEING ALIVE IN THE WORLD absolutely impossible. 


He spends most of his time alone at home, but at least he has his monster penis to keep him company. 


Doctors recently advised Cabrera to have surgery to reduce the size of his penis and to make his life, well, livable. 

But he won't hear anything of it. 

Because he loves giant, giant monster penis. 

Don't get it twisted (and by 'it' I mean his penis) he wasn't born this way Cabrera did his own penis enlargement at home using weights

I don't even have a penis and I'm cringing. 

I am almost without words. 

I try to make it my policy to never comment on another person's body, either in a negative way or a positive way. We as human beings are so much more than how tiny our waists are or how toned our abs might be. 

That said, in this case, I'm willing to make an exception.


Damn, dude. Your dick is straight up too big. 


You heard me.

I understand that looking and feeling special and unique is important. We all have something about ourselves that we like. I, for example, love my lips. But I know that I have value that extends beyond some flesh on my face. Like I am also very good at cross-stitch and I'm a good friend. 


If the only thing you have to cling to in life is a penis so massive that even doctors are like "please come to the hospital right away, dawg, your penis is too big and we need to cut it up because DAMN, dawg it is way too large", then you need re-evaluate the other areas of your life that might be lacking.

I love my lips, but if a doctor ever said to me, "Becca, your lips are going to keep you from having a normal life and will also prevent you from having children" I would be probably trying to perform my own anesthesia. 

This dude can blame his passion for his monster penis on cultural norms, and he does, but I doubt very much that having a penis so massive that sex is impossible is anything any "macho" dude would be willing to embrace.