These 3 Zodiac Signs Simply Can't Be Bothered (They're LAZY AF)

They probably won't even read this.

lazy zodiac signs astrology

It's okay to be lazy… occasionally.

Because there’s an art to being truly lazy. Not everyone can slide into their sweats, eat nothing but cereal, and lose 11 hours of their life watching a Mythbusters marathon… that takes some effort. Well, it actually takes the exact opposite of effort, but you know what I mean.

The ability to take it easy is a gift that not everyone possesses, and it’s even rarer to find someone who knows how to do it in healthy moderation.


Too often, we fall onto either side of the “taking it easy” extremes — people are either so Type-A organized that they can never seem to rest OR they’re so apathetic, inert, or unapologetically lazy that they take the sin of sloth to a whole new level.



The trick is figuring out where you fall on the laziness spectrum and, believe it or not, your zodiac sign can say A LOT about your slothful disposition.

It makes sense because our personality types are quite often defined by how comfortable we are in our own skin and how comfortable we are with the passage of TIME. And our astrological signs can give us some tremendous insights into that process.

Some of us feel incredibly uncomfortable with time, so we postpone everything as long as we can. It’s a form of laziness that’s almost designed to bite us on the ass, because everything we’ve put off will inevitably catch up to us one day.

Some of us come across as lazy because we have a tendency to get paralyzed. We find ourselves consumed by worry, doubt, and anxiety, so we find that the most comfortable form of action is inaction, which freezes us in time.


And, according to our astrological signs, some of us… just like taking a little extra time, and what’s so bad about that?

If you’re not sure where your laziness comes from  or where your significant other gets their ability to waste a whole weekend on Snapchat  here are the THREE hands-down laziest zodiac signs on the astrological charts. If you simply can’t be bothered (about ANYTHING), you’re probably one of these.

1Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus lazy zodiac signs astrology

When you dedicate yourself to something, Taurus, you achieve great results. But you go through periods of extremely low motivation, which might keep you on the sidelines for longer than it should.

You also tend to lose yourself in the simple things, like nature or staring into the refrigerator, but this is often just your special way of avoiding your responsibilities that weigh heavy on your mind. Remember — the work has to get done eventually, so why not tackle it sooner than later?

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2Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo lazy zodiac signs astrology

Leo — you love kicking back and taking amazing vacations, which is awesome. But there's a line between recreation and not taking life seriously. Downtime is important, but it can't be constant.

You still need to be productive, you can't just abandon your life when it gets too real. Be flexible. Allow yourself a balance between life and leisure. Your time at work will make your relaxing time feel so much sweeter and vice versa.

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3Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn lazy zodiac signs astrology

In the quest for perfection, you fall short — because you're human, Capricorn. And, while that can sting, you also can't let yourself fall into total apathy just because you didn't reach your lofty goal. You're protective enough of yourself that you might subscribe to the belief that if you don't try, you'll never fail.

FIGHT THAT IMPULSE. Let yourself fail occasionally. Let yourself be human. And learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of working towards a goal and not caring what anyone else thinks of it.

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