There's A New Way For Men To Grow Their Penis That ACTUALLY Works

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Penoplasty Procedure Helps Men Get A Bigger Penis

I know that you’re probably pretty skeptical right now. There have been “magic” pills on the market for years, all saying that they can help men achieve a larger member. They come in different colors and sizes, wrapped up in suggestive packaging, but all deliver a general sense of disappointment.

While the pills to get a bigger penis may be able to increase blood flow and make the thing work a little better, they aren’t exactly a permanent solution.

Now, there is another option out there. One that is way better than anything before it.

Guys, try to contain yourself because there is now a medical procedure that will remove fat from your belly and back and inject it right into your penis.

Let that one sink in for a moment. You can get rid of your fat AND make your penis bigger at the same damn time.


It’s not a joke. Honestly. The physicians at Harley Street’s London Center For Aesthetic Surgery have developed the earth shattering procedure called a penoplasty. The operation starts off with liposuction to pull the fat out of a certain body area. Then, a small incision is made at the base of the penis and the fat is injected into the shaft.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about his procedure, Daniel from the UK said that he got the surgery after his divorce. He initially just wanted to get a stubborn pocket of fat out of his stomach but the doctors suggested that he use it elsewhere — in his penis or face, for example.

I wasn’t unhappy with my size before, but this seemed an opportunity worth taking, especially if I was already undergoing surgery. It was a case of ‘waste not want not,’ because the fat would only have been thrown away,” Daniel said.

“There was some pulling and stretching to ensure the fat was evenly spread, which was slightly unpleasant, but it certainly wasn’t painful — and the results were immediate. For the first 24 hours, I had to wear loose-fitting boxer shorts and was under strict instructions to avoid penetrative sex for a few weeks.”


The surgery isn’t even THAT expensive as it costs about 3,500 British pounds which equates to around $4,300 USD. The whole procedure is quite tame as it can be done in under an hour and takes minimal time to heal. Patients are sedated by an IV and can leave that same day.

“We believe that the penoplasty is justified when the psychological benefits outweigh the risk and cost of the procedure. However, a man’s best sexual organ is his brain and most men feel much more confident about themselves after the operation.”

While a penis pump may help in the length department, this surgery is beneficial because it helps to increase the girth, which, apparently, is much more important for the ladies.