This Is The Lip Shape Men Love Most, According To Science

Photo: Unsplash 
 Study Reveals What The Most Attractive Lip Shape Looks Like

How do your lips measure up?

Between Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner, luscious lips are sought after by females all over the globe.

Perfectly plump lips are thought of as sex symbol status and women have been heading to the plastic surgeon’s office with requests for fuller puckers. However, while big lips may look good in the media, they don’t always translate well on the faces of everyday women.

A new study conducted by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery has figured out the most attractive lip shape.

Researchers got together a focus group to look at 100 photos showing women with different lip dimensions. Their goal was to figure out which size and shape of lip were most attractive to the group.

When looking at the results, the study showed that the most attractive lip shape were those that increased 53.5 percent in surface area from the original image showed, i.e. the ratio of 1:2 of upper and lower lip.

To sum it up, both women and men agreed that lips that were big but not overly big were the most attractive.

The findings were pretty interesting since the trend, especially in the plastic surgeon’s office, is for a visibly larger upper lip.

“We advocate preservation of the natural ratio or achieving a one-to-two ratio in lip augmentation procedures while avoiding the overfilled upper lip look frequently seen among celebrities,” the authors concluded.

While plump lips seem to be the trend according to media, the human psyche begs to differ. There were a few limitations, though, like the fact that the study was based on the features of Caucasian women and that there weren’t really any guidelines for how the lips in the photos were modified.

Before running to the plastic surgeon’s office to get your lips to a perfect 1:2 ratio, think about taking this study with a grain of salt. Maybe try learning to love the lips that you have first.