What Men Really Think About Saggy Boobs

Their answers were ... revealing.

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For as long as I've had boobs, those boobs have been big boobs

I swear to you, I went to bed one night around age 9 flat as a board and woke up the next morning looking like Dolly Parton's little sister. 

As a girl with big boobs, I learned early on the sag is the foe that must be fought at every turn.  

It seemed like everything fun, relaxing or meaningful involving my big boobs meant cursing myself to a lifetime of boobs that looked like tennis balls straight chilling at the bottom of knee socks. 


Common causes of saggy boobs include aging, collagen deficiency, estrogen deficiency, gravity, high body mass index, larger breast size, menopause, multiple pregnancies, rapid weight gain followed by weight loss (or vice versa), and smoking.

There's no set age when a women's breasts start to sag, as everyone's genetics are different and it also depends on lifestyle choices and overall health as well as how firm your breast ligaments are. According to a UCLA study, your breast tissue also ages two to three years faster than the rest of your body so that could also cause sagging to happen as well. 


Saggy boobs cause anxiety in women because society has made women have self-doubt from breast sagging and that's why some women get plastic surgery as well to make their breasts perkier. Therefore, saggy boobs can be one of the many insecurities for some women which leads to them having low confidence and therefore worried about how men feel about them. 

In order to keep them perky, according to medical advice, all you need to do is maintain a healthy diet — but sometimes it's just unavoidable. And if your boobs still end up being a bit saggy... who cares?

I think we as women with big breasts our only care is because we've had this idea that saggy boobs are a turn-off to all men. (Wonder where that idea came from.)

I decided to put this sad little theory to the test, and I asked a group of anonymous men what they really think about saggy boobs.


Do men like saggy boobs?

There were some unfortunate responses, of course. But, by and large, what men had to say about saggy boobs left my heart (and breasts) feeling warm and happy. 

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Yes, men like saggy boobs.

"I'm more likely to notice if she DOESN'T have saggy boobs. Then it means plastic surgery. Which can mean boobs that feel super hard and weird."

"Um, gravity is real? So long as she doesn't have a problem with my saggy balls her saggy boobs are fine, great even."

"My wife has had four kids and still looks amazing. Do her boobs look the same as they did when we met at age 16? No. But that's part of what I love about being with her. We've both changed and our love and attraction has only grown stronger."


"Saggy boobs means natural boobs and I love natural boobs."

"If her boobs sag it means they are big. Need I say more?"

"I prefer real women, sag is real."

"They remind me of classical paintings, beautiful."

"Saggy boobs are the reality; non-saggy the fantasy. If I'm seeing a woman's boobs it's because I'm already attracted to her and she has nothing to fear."

"My girlfriend is always worried about this. The truth is that while she sees saggy boobs in the mirror, I see the hot and sexy girl I'm lucky enough to be with."

"More to nuzzle!"

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No, men don't like saggy boobs.

"It's fine as long as they don't go to her knees."


"Sag = stretch marks = nasty."

"This makes me sound like a jerk, but too much sag bothers me, especially if it comes with stretch marks."

"Saggy boobs tend to be larger breasts and I only like women with small breasts." 

"If she takes care of herself her boobs would not be saggy."

Men say it depends on the boobs.

"I'd rather see her naked boobs sag than see her in a bra all of the time."

"As long as she keeps 'em clean I do NOT care." 


"Boobs are boobs are boobs are boobs."

"Do the saggy boobs have nipples? Then fine." 

"As long as they're big I don't care if they are also saggy."

"It is okay for a woman's boobs to be saggy as long as they also have a good shape to them."

"If a woman is letting me touch her boobs all I'm feeling is grateful."

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